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Duelbits Issues

Duelbits Identity Confirmation

Immediately after registering on the Duelbits website, you must complete the verification procedure to gain access to financial transactions. After authorization, a window will appear in your profile asking you to confirm your email address. You will be sent an email with an active link. In some cases, it may end up in your spam folder. Look there if you do not find it in the main category. Open the email, and click on the link. You will be redirected to your personal profile.

You may also need to verify your personal data before withdrawing funds. For this purpose, you should send scans of your passport or driving license. If you want to verify your residential address you will need to send a copy of the receipt for the previous three months.

Duelbits: I Can’t Deposit

If you can’t make a deposit when you visit Duelbits, take note of the main possible problems:

  • email address is not confirmed;
  • third-party payment systems are used;
  • minimum balance replenishment limits are not taken into account;
  • insufficient funds on the payment instrument balance.

If you have checked the criteria and everything is fine, then contact the support specialists to find out the reasons. They will identify the side where the problem has occurred (at the payment instrument or on the gambling platform). In addition, consultants will provide detailed instructions for further action.

Why Duelbits’ Payment Can Fail

If payment in Duelbits fails, check the following features:

  • Whether payment instruments that you use belong to you personally. With the aim to avoid money laundering and other scams, users are required to use only personal cryptocurrency wallets or e-wallets;
  • Whether your card or wallet details are entered correctly. If you enter the details incorrectly, the transaction will be canceled;
  • Whether you commit any illegal actions. Get acquainted with the rules and conditions of the gambling portal to avoid force majeure situations. Otherwise, you will not receive money, and you will face blocking of your account.

Live Support of Duelbits Doesn’t Answer

If you are emailing a consultant in an online chat, wait for a while. Sometimes operators are not able to answer instantly because there is a high workload at times. Your question should be taken up for processing within 15 minutes.

If, for some reason, the answer has not come, then look through the section with frequent users’ questions. Perhaps here you will find a similar situation and you can solve your problem.

Another option is to contact the official channels and pages on Discord, Instagram, and Twitter.

Why I Can’t Withdraw My Winning from Duelbits

If you cannot withdraw your winnings, then pay attention to certain criteria. Some of the main problems include:

  • failure to comply with the minimum withdrawal limits;
  • Incorrect input of the payment details;
  • using other people’s payment instruments.

There may be other problems but to identify and solve them you need to contact a support consultant.

What If I Don’t Receive My Reward on Duelbits?

If a situation arises where you have not received your reward, there is no independent solution to the problem. In this case, only contacting a support consultant will help. They will review whether the stated conditions are met and provide the necessary assistance.


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