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Best CS2 / CS:GO Hilo Sites with affiliate codesin 2024

Here you will find trustworthy CS2 / CS:GO Hilo sites & more. Legit and fully reviewed!


Where and How to Play CS2 / CS:GO Hilo: A Detailed Review

Card games have always been popular among online casino visitors. CS:GO gamers had the opportunity to test their luck in a simple card version of Hilo and play with skins. Draws are held every few seconds, so you can always catch the next round. This is not only a great pastime but also quite profitable gamblingentertainment that allows you to increase your collection of skins.

CS:GO Hilo is found on many topical sites for trading. It can vary both visually, as well as in terms of rules and settings. CS:GO Hilo Sites develop their own versions to stand out from the rest and attract the attention of the gamer audience. Here is a review of 5 reliable portals that we have tested for honesty and transparency of randomness. However, before you start betting, we recommend getting acquainted with the features of gambling.


The best sites are those that provide quality services, timely support, and have a good reputation with users. Such portals provide protection and security of personal data and transactions, so you don’t have to worry about losing your investment. Let’s proceed with our review.

  • Gamdom – Hilo Jackpot site
  • Rollbit (CS:GO option will be added soon) – the site with the best gaming community
  • BC.Game (CS:GO option will be added soon) – the most advanced and progressive portal
  • CSGOFast – advanced game settings for flexible betting
  • Stake (CS:GO option will be added soon) – the most popular crypto gambling site

How to Choose the Best CS2 / CS:GO Hilo Site?

It is very important to play on proven portals. It depends on this, whether you will be able to withdraw your winnings and the honesty of the result of each round. Our team analyzes CS:GO Hilo websites by more advanced metrics, so we confidently give our readers the top 5 best CS:GO Hilo sites. To feel confident and avoid doubt, follow certain rules of choice and pay attention to such factors:

legitimate activity - even if no license is provided, the legality of the site can be determined by other indicators: reviews, reputation, rating, traffic, and payment systems offered;
Bonuses - every player wants to receive free coins and other incentives. Many reputable establishments offer an extensive loyalty program for activity;
Optimization - if the site constantly slows down, hangs up, and disappears from the network, then such a situation should alert users. After all, you can lose your winnings as a result of the failure;
Customer support - the site cares about its customers, and always offers prompt help with all routine issues.

Review of the Best 5 CS2 / CS:GO Hilo Sites for Betting



You can play CS:GO Hilo here every 10 seconds by selecting black-red and par value bets. Jackpot can be hit at any time, which is accumulated from all bets participants. It is distributed among all those who bet in a given round in proportion to the amount of the bet.

You can make deposits with skins, as well as other currencies – via bank transfer, cryptocurrency, or gift cards. Bonuses, which can be earned based on levels and rakeback, will help fill your bankroll.

Pros are as follows
  • deposits in different ways
  • promotions, bonuses, raffles
  • the flexibility of Hilo betting settings
  • other gambling on skins
Cons include:
  • no live chat helpdesk
  • country restrictions

Gamdom has long been popular with players who prefer to gamble with Provably Fair. The site always has at least 1,500 visitors who are actively betting.



A site with ample opportunities for cryptocurrency gamers. Unfortunately, deposits in skins are still only under development but you have a great chance to earn crypto and have fun with cool games.

There are both in-house developments and slots by leading providers. And once you visit a live casino with real croupiers, you won’t want to look for other platforms again.

Pros are as follows
  • casino, bookmaker, NFT, and crypto futures on one site
  • daily bonuses, rakeback, and other rewards
  • player clans
  • live chat of visitors
Cons include:
  • skin and CS:GO Hilo betting in development
  • no mobile app

Rollbit is a new progressive portal that focuses on digital tokens that provide secure payments. The extensive game library, clan system, chat, and bonuses attract active gamers here.



The casino offers CS:GO Hilo’ by its own brand, so the rules here are a little different. You only have the option to bet on over or under by guessing whether the card will be over the ace or under the king. It’s a 50/50 chance, which isn’t bad to win.

CS:GO skins are being developed right now, so no deposit in cosmetic items is available at the moment. However, if you have a couple of extra tokens, you’ll be able to bet in that currency.

Pros are as follows
  • 270% bonus for the first deposit to a newbie
  • the simple betting system for CS:GO Hilo
  • secure crypto transactions
  • other hot games
Cons include:
  • no support for skins deposits and withdrawals
  • country restrictions, including the US

BC.Game is a technically advanced site that is safe, comfortable, and profitable to play on. Bet and input in crypto, which is at the peak of popularity today.



Here is probably the most interesting CS:GO Hilo game because it has wide settings for many outcomes. For example, you can bet on:

  • black-red;
  • one of four value options with different multipliers;
  • there is a separate multiplier of x24 on Joker.

You can also view previous cards drawn and overall statistics on the color of the card suit.

Pros are as follows
  • the flexibility of game settings
  • bets with skins, crypto, fiat, and electronic funds
  • all games are checked by Provably Fair
  • many active draws
Cons include:
  • no live casino or slots
  • different domains of the site

CSGOFast is a site for fans of skin gambling with fair payouts and transparent outcomes. Each round can be checked for randomness by getting hash. Methods of deposit and withdrawal largely depend on the region of the user.



Hilo on Stake is simple and easy to set up. Even if you are new to the world of betting – here you will understand easily. It is enough to set it above or below the current card to test your intuition. that is, the 50/50 odds are quite high.

Pros are as follows
  • simple rules for betting
  • protected bets in crypto
  • daily rewards and for activity
  • support for desktop and mobile versions
Cons include:
  • CS:GO skins are not accepted
  • withdrawal only in cryptocurrency

Stake is a site with a lot of gambling games, among which is sure to find the best for you.

How to Play in CS2 / CS:GO Hilo?

So, the principle of the online game is to guess which card will come up next. The betting system is designed so that you can choose not only the color of the suit but also the range of the face value. The more accurate the prediction is, the higher the risk may be, however, the reward will be greater.

Once you have decided on a site, you have a few important things to do:

Sign in to your Steam account to make deposits with skins.
Set up a trading URL and make the inventory "Publicly Available".
Select skins from the inventory that you decided to put in the game.
Once you have the in-game currency, you can start betting.

In most cases, you can view the previous results, which can help determine the next bet. Nevertheless, the draw is completely random and does not depend on the cards drawn earlier.


CSGO Hilo is a simple and accessible game that has no complicated rules or high-skill requirements. It is enough to rely on intuition and bet on the option that you think will fall next.

The card game is not available on some sites but is already quite well-known in wide circles. If you choose a reliable site from the review, there will be no reason to worry about personal data and invested funds.


How does CS:GO Hilo work?

CS:GO Hilo works according to a simple principle:

  • a new card is opened each round;
  • you need to guess its color, and face value depending on the rules of the casino;
  • having made a bet, you need to wait for the end of the round;
  • if guessed, you get your bet and the reward.
What is the best CS:GO gambling site that supports Hilo?

Experienced players choose only proven portals that are thoroughly tested according to many characteristics. So you don’t waste your time, we offer reliable resources for betting – Gamdom, Rollbit, BC.Game, CSGOFast, Stake.

Is CS:GO Hilo legit in the USA?

CS:GO Hilo is not illegal in the US but some sites may not be legal due to inadequate licenses.