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CSGO giveaways

Win free CSGO, DOTA2 skins in our giveaways system! You can participate using tickets after you log in. There is no deposit required. You can earn tickets here.

UMP-45 | Exposure (FN)
UMP-45 | Exposure (FN)
here can be your banner

What is raffle?

We are doing our giveaways in form of a raffle. Raffle is a type of contest in which you can participate with tickets for a chance to win a prize in giveaways. Here you can win free CSGO, DOTA2, RUST skins and other rewards. The winner of a raffle will be picked once all slots are filled up or time passes (depends on type of raffle).

How can I get tickets?

You can get tickets for free by completing tasks in your profile page after you login.

tasks in profile page

Provably fair

Our giveaways are provably fair. We are generating secret and hash on start of the giveaway. Secret is hidden, it is visible after giveaway has been rolled. You can verify if we have changed giveaway results by hashing secret with sha512 (which will be public after rounds ends) and checking if it is same as hash given by us. You can also calculate winning ticket number

Node.js code

const crypto = require('crypto'); // Edit these 3 variables const secret = 'round secret'; const hash = 'round hash'; const totalNumberOfTickets = 0; function verify() { // Generate sha512 hash of secret and convert it to hexadecimal string const generatedHash = crypto.createHash('sha512').update(secret).digest('hex'); if (generatedHash === hash) { console.log('Hashes matches'); } else { console.log('Hashes do not match'); } } function getWinningTicket() { // get first 8 characters from secret then parse it to integer const numberFromSecret = parseInt(secret.substr(0, 8), 16); // 16^8 = 4294967296 const percentage = (numberFromSecret / 4294967296); const ticket = Math.round(percentage * (totalNumberOfTickets - 1)); console.log('Winning ticket: ' + ticket); } verify(); getWinningTicket();