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Best RL Trading Sites with affiliate codesin 2024

Here you will find trustworthy RL Trading Sites & more. Legit and fully reviewed!


Rocket League Trading Sites: Best Choice for Now

Rocket League fans are in continuous search of the perfect skin, which is why they are frequent visitors to trading sites. Platforms that focus on Rocket League skins offer the best conditions and favorable prices, ensuring safe transactions between players or with trading bots.

If you want to get involved in the trade of game items and choose Rocket League trading sites, then our review can help you decide on the best platforms to replenish your collection of skins.


Here is our choice of the best RL trading sites in 2023:

  • Rocket-league – the most conservative site
  • RL.Exchange – best prices on the market
  • OP.Market – the easiest site
  • – the best premium offers
  • Ddealo – largest selection of games
  • SkinsMonkey – best bonuses
  • Tradeit.GG – largest assortment of skins
  • Skinport – the best service

It’s time to get acquainted with the top 8 sites for safe and comfortable Rocket League trading.

How to Choose the Best Site to Trade Rocket League Skins?

Many cheaters have appeared online, hunting for skins, credits, wheels, stickers, tread marks, and other game items. Also, look through the range of offers, read the chats, and carefully study the information about each website you’re interested in. This way you can avoid critical mistakes. If you want to make a real deal, it is required to pay attention to the following factors:

reputation - visit forums, read review sites, check ratings on reputable portals;
Operating time
Operating time
operating time - if the site has been around for several years, you can trust it. Unscrupulous platforms are quickly shut down;
prices and commissions - excessively attractive trading conditions should make you cautious, just like overpriced rates that will offset a profitable deal;
the number of visitors - a large number of online players and successful transactions are excellent indicators of the platform's performance.

Best Trading Websites Rocket League



This is a site with extensive functionality, a convenient filter, and a large selection of skins. Steam&Epic, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch platforms are available to players.

Pros are as follows
  • regular draws and tournaments
  • convenient search engine with a filter
  • a wide range of products in the shop window
  • extended technical support
Cons include:
  • pop-up ads
  • unsystematic information is a good choice for those who are used to using official sources for trading.


The trade site offers a ton of items to make your car unique. Just create an offer and find a bargain quickly.

Pros are as follows
  • Safety and legality
  • Prices are below market rates
  • Choice of platforms: Steam, Epic, Xbox, Switch, PC
  • Free credits and items for surveys, games, and tasks
Cons include:
  • no welcome and other bonuses
  • restrictions for some countries was established for those who are looking for a convenient site with pleasant prices.


The site offers simple and fast transactions without overloading the content with unnecessary information. You can log in to the profile through different platforms.

Pros are as follows
  • login through Steam, Apple, Nintendo, Facebook, Epic, and other accounts
  • in-house blogging
  • security
  • up-to-date prices
Cons include:
  • deposits in crypto only
  • no support is designed for fans of minimalism who focus on trading.


The site has several features, including raffles conducted in Discord. A list of scammers with a search engine keeps you safe from fake deals.

Pros are as follows
  • Simplicity and conciseness
  • Login via Steam, Discord, Twitch, and Twitter
  • Trading with a bot
  • Premium subscription with advanced features
Cons include:
  • G2A-only deposits
  • Few online visitors will appeal to gamers who are looking for fast deals with the best conditions.



You will find a lot of games and skins for all tastes and you can buy any item for real money by making a deposit in a convenient way.

Pros are as follows
  • support for deposits via VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and Skrill
  • help desk via email, Discord, and Skype
  • a detailed description of the items
  • legal activities
Cons include:
  • 3.7 rating on Trustpilot
  • Few keys and credits for purchases is a platform with extensive offers for the gamer that is not focused on one game only.



An attractive 35% bonus on your first deposit is a great start to trading. Multiple deposit methods enable you to top up your account from a variety of countries.

Pros are as follows
  • bonuses and discounts
  • comfortable navigation
  • SSL encryption
  • fast transactions with trading bots
Cons include:
  • no cash withdrawal
  • no trading for Rocket League yet

SkinsMonkey is a growing platform, so we should expect Rocket League trading soon.



The site provides secure transactions via Steam. It supports 4 games but no Rocket League skins yet.

Pros are as follows
  • Support for different payment systems
  • Bonuses and rewards for completing tasks
  • advanced filter
  • instant withdrawal
Cons include:
  • high commission on the cashout
  • prices are not up to date

Tradeit.GG is preferred by most gamers for the reliability and transparency of transactions.



The functionality of the website provides ample opportunities for trading and studying game items. Affordable prices and an excellent reputation facilitate cooperation.

Pros are as follows
  • 4.9 rating on Trustpilot
  • Skins and cash deposits
  • quick support
  • user-friendly interface
Cons include:
  • 12% commission on sales
  • no support for crypto

Skinport is visited by gamers who believe that service and comfortable trading are important, although they have to pay for it.

How to Trade Rocket League Skins

So, once you’ve figured out what is the best Rocket League trading site and chosen a platform, follow the step-by-step instruction:

Sign up on the site
Choose the platform you play Rocket League with
Create an offer by selecting items from the Garage
Coordinate the exchange with the gamer who responded
Hold the deal for 5 seconds and, confirm the exchange

Immediately after the exchange, the items will appear in your Garage.


While selecting the RL trading site, take note of our ranking and visit only the best platforms. Rocket League’s growing popularity expands the gamer’s capabilities to find the best items.


What is the best RL trading site?

The best site is a tested, legitimate, and reputable platform trusted by thousands of gamers. One of the platforms that meet all the above is SkinsMonkey.

Do I have to buy 500 credits to trade in Rocket League?

Yes, you will have to buy 500 credits to activate it.

How do you trade on RL?

You can use the official market or use a third-party site to trade.  So, choose a platform and follow the step-by-step instruction:

  1. Sign up on the site.
  2. Choose the platform you play Rocket League with.
  3. Create an offer by selecting items from the Garage.
  4. Coordinate the exchange with the gamer who responded.
  5. Hold the deal for 5 seconds and, confirm the exchange
How much are 1,000 credits in Rocket League?

It costs $10 to buy 1,000 credits.

Is RL still popular?

Yes, and it keeps attracting more gamers after the updates.

How to get free credits in RL?

You can get free credits only through bonuses, raffles, and tournaments on external platforms. For instance, you can use a promo code from SkinsMonkey or Tradeit.GG.