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List of CS:GO trading sites

Here you will find list of trusted websites, where you can trade your CS:GO skins.



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Trade CS:GO skins

CS:GO community developed strong economy around CS:GO skins, that is started to interest people around the globe to earn on them. Many people started trading, where they were taking percentage for every trade. Soon after CS:GO trading sites started to appear. CS:GO trading sites uses bots, which send you trade automatically after you request it on site. Value of items you selected from bot for your items must be equal or less than value of your skins. If it's higher, on most sites there is balance system, so additional money will go to your balance, so you can purchase with it skins later.

How are bots better than real traders

There are three main factors, that often favors bots over traders.

1. Trades with bots are instantly, you don't have to wait to exchange your items, you can do it instantly and bot will send you an offer.

2. Trading sites have huge inventories worth thousands of dollars, so you have better choice. Also, they accept very cheap items, where most of the traders, doesn't.

3. You get usually better items than when you're trading with traders. Skins traders, that do it as a job will try to get as high profit as they can. They will usually charge you around 10% fee when trading. On CS:GO trading sites you can usually check fee. It's around 5-6% (depends on the site), so it's even 2x less than when trading with professional traders.

Trading with real people

If you prefer trading with real people, there are many great ways.

1. Reddit subreddits.There are many subreddits related to CS:GO trading, where you can find interesting trades, or post your own. The most popular subreddit around CS:GO skins trading is r/GlobalOffensiveTrade

2. is one of the largest sites for people who wants to trade their skins. You can post your own trade or search for trade posted by user.

Get more when trading.

Many trading sites are offering ways to lower commission when trading. The most popular way is to add trading site domain name to steam nickname. If site you want to trade have such a system, you should add trading site domain name to your steam username, relog on a site and after trade remove trading site domain from your nickname. That way you will get more for your items.