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List of CS:GO trading sites in 2023

Here you will find list of trusted websites, where you can trade your CS:GO skins.

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Buy & Sell Skins – Easy and Secure
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Trade CS:GO skins

CS:GO community developed strong economy around CS:GO skins, that is started to interest people around the globe to earn on them. Many people started trading, where they were taking percentage for every trade. Soon after CS:GO trading sites started to appear. CS:GO trading sites uses bots, which send you trade automatically after you request it on site. Value of items you selected from bot for your items must be equal or less than value of your skins. If it's higher, on most sites there is balance system, so additional money will go to your balance, so you can purchase with it skins later.

How are bots better than real traders

There are three main factors, that often favors bots over traders.

1. Trades with bots are instantly, you don't have to wait to exchange your items, you can do it instantly and bot will send you an offer.

2. Trading sites have huge inventories worth thousands of dollars, so you have better choice. Also, they accept very cheap items, where most of the traders, doesn't.

3. You get usually better items than when you're trading with traders. Skins traders, that do it as a job will try to get as high profit as they can. They will usually charge you around 10% fee when trading. On CS:GO trading sites you can usually check fee. It's around 5-6% (depends on the site), so it's even 2x less than when trading with professional traders.

Trading with real people

If you prefer trading with real people, there are many great ways.

1. Reddit subreddits.There are many subreddits related to CS:GO trading, where you can find interesting trades, or post your own. The most popular subreddit around CS:GO skins trading is r/GlobalOffensiveTrade

2. is one of the largest sites for people who wants to trade their skins. You can post your own trade or search for trade posted by user.

Get more when trading.

Many trading sites are offering ways to lower commission when trading. The most popular way is to add trading site domain name to steam nickname. If site you want to trade have such a system, you should add trading site domain name to your steam username, relog on a site and after trade remove trading site domain from your nickname. That way you will get more for your items.

How do CS:GO Trading Sites Work?

Despite the fact that Counter Strike: Global Offensive was created many years ago, the game's popularity has not been declining. Recently, such a topic as trading CS:GO skins sparks a particular interest, as seasoned players want to convert their success into real money.

The operating principle of CS:GO skin trading websites is rather simple:

Best CS:GO Trading Sites with Promo Codes

A successful deal is trading skins with:

How to choose the best site to trade CS:GO skins with nice bonuses?

It is recommended to trust the rating of reliable trading sites, which is compiled after careful selection according to many criteria.

List of the Best CS:GO Trading Sites

When the decision to trade/exchange a skin has already been made, it's time to choose the best trading sites for CS:GO. To avoid spending months figuring out where trading is most reliable and profitable, we have prepared a list of TOP-6 reputable trading platforms with excellent trading features.

1. SkinsMonkey

csgo trading websites

This is a relatively new yet well-known service with an automated exchange. A built-in bot will assist in trading an item with a minimal fee. SkinsMonkey interface is available in six languages. Funds can be deposited in fiat money and cryptocurrencies. The lots include both simple and rare skins.
πŸ‘ Pros: automated trading; several types of currencies, including crypto; choice of interface language.

πŸ‘Ž Cons: low rate of completed transactions; short overall operational life of the website.
SkinsMonkey will fit traders who are looking for a high deposit bonus and automated trading. TrustScore according to reviews at Trustpilot: 4.9, excellent.

2. Tradeit.GG

how to trade in csgo

It has more than 35 million trades on its account, and the total amount of skins is $5 million. The above values represent a high level of users' trust. Built-in functionality enables to set filters on skins, value range, and hide duplicates. Customer support is available in real-time mode.
πŸ‘ Pros: search bar and filters; instant cashout; all major payment systems, including cryptocurrencies.

πŸ‘Ž Cons: high commissions for fast withdrawal; underpriced skins.
Tradeit.GG is a good choice to trade an item quickly, while not being obsessive about the price. TrustScore according to reviews at Trustpilot: 4.9, excellent.

3. CS.Money

csgo trading sites

Gamers with any level of Steam can trade on this website, so there are a lot of newcomers. This is a well-known platform with a long-term reputation. The developers provided the most convenient service with simple navigation and a clear interface. 
πŸ‘ Pros: low prices of the items; 40% deposit bonus; 23% discount on direct trades.

πŸ‘Ž Cons: 7% commission; a lot of "mass market" offers, few rare items.
CS.Money offers inexpensive skins and generous bonuses for gamers of all levels. TrustScore according to reviews at Trustpilot: 4.9, excellent.

4. Dmarket

csgo trade sites

This is one of the most visited websites. It has been operating since 2017 and has an excellent reputation. The functionality is designed for experienced gamers. It offers an affiliate program. There are no commissions in Steam. There is an application for mobile devices.
πŸ‘ Pros: a large selection of items at affordable prices; favorable commissions; possibility to trade in real-time.

πŸ‘Ž Cons: complicated navigation; an array of information that is difficult for a beginner.
Dmarket offers a large selection of items for exchange and trade. TrustScore according to reviews at Trustpilot: 4.5, excellent.

5. Skinport

csgo skin trading sites

The website has earned the reputation of a reliable and well-visited platform. It was established in 2018, and now offers the largest assortment of skins. You can access the portal from your PC and mobile gadget. Built-in functionality provides a wide range of possibilities to search for and trade items.
πŸ‘ Pros: there’re cheap "mass market" offers and rare items; there's encryption technology to protect data; users can track product sales history.

πŸ‘Ž Cons: 12% commission on the sale; complicated verification procedure for cashout.
Skinport is a good choice for those who are willing to pay a substantial fee for trading on a reputable platform. TrustScore according to reviews at Trustpilot: 4.9, excellent.

6. SkinWallet

csgo trade

The website with European standards of service offers a competitive price for skins. The platform is known for the fast withdrawal of funds and simple functionality. To start trading, just take a few steps according to the instructions.
πŸ‘ Pros: simplicity and accessibility; interface versions in 9 languages; the largest choice of payment systems.

πŸ‘Ž Cons: it is not possible to trade from a cell phone; flaws associated with technical support in the live chat.
SkinWallet is chosen for its high trust rating of gamers, legal operation, and excellent interface. There is a YouTube channel with useful recommendations. TrustScore according to reviews at Trustpilot: 4.3, excellent.

How We Select the Best CS:GO Trading Sites

When selecting reliable websites, we are guided by our own research and analysis of the market in general. To get into our top rating of the best CS:GO skin trading sites, it is necessary to meet several main criteria:

It is not worth risking even the simplest item to avoid disappointment in trading skins as a whole. 

How to Trade CS:GO Skins?

You can exchange items of equal value, or make a deal for the money. How to trade skins in CS:GO? There are several ways to do this:

πŸ” Exchange with friends. Act as follows: 

🧱 Built-in store in Steam. In this case, follow the steps below: 

🀝 International platforms offer the best deals for commission. It is reliable protection from scammers and access to a huge selection of items. To take advantage of this option: 

All of the sites in our review meet the criteria of reliable and trustworthy platforms.

What are the Benefits of Using CS:GO Trading Sites?

The responsible approach is important to trade up CS:GO skins. By choosing a trading site as an intermediary, gamers minimize risks. Reputable portals also offer a wide range at relevant prices, often with generous bonuses and discounts. 


Trade up CS:GO skins and make your character look more impressive. Furthermore, advanced users turn it into business. Honest reviews help choose the right site. Items are a kind of investment, so no need to waste time while others earn. Start trading CS:GO skins right now.


What is the best CS:GO trading site?

Platforms in our review are recommended for skin exchange as they have met all the verification criteria. So, the best options include