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Review of TF2 Gambling Sites

Ten Best TF2 Gambling Websites

Review of TF2 Gambling Sites

In addition to the main game mode, Team Fortress 2 fans have the opportunity to invest their loot in gambling. This is a fun pastime that enables them to test their luck and try to multiply their inventory. 

If you're interested in TF2 gambling, you're on the right track. Our review will help you get acquainted with the best TF2 Gambling sites, which we checked and bravely recommend for the game. If you want to know where and how to gamble in TF2, read the review to the end.

How to Gamble on Team Fortress 2?

TF2 skins gambling includes a wide range of entertainment. This can include betting on Team Fortress 2 eSports, as well as gambling by playing such games as Coinflip, Crash, Towers, Jackpot, Dice, and others. 

If you have the desire to dive into the world of gambling using your inventory items, follow a few rules that will help you take your first steps. Here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. Choose a reliable site that supports transactions with TF2 skins. It's a good idea to choose any site from our review.

  2. Sign up through your Steam account to get access to your inventory.

  3. Generate a trading URL.

  4. Go to your personal profile on the gambling site and select, for example, Coinflip.

  5. Make a deposit with TF2 skins and bet in the round of interest.

  6. Wait for the result and take your prize if you win.

It's a simple, affordable, and dynamic process, which is why betting games are so popular among TF2 fans.

Ten Best TF2 Gambling Websites

We suggest that you take a closer look at each site to decide which one suits you best.


Would you like to get trading, opening cases, and gambling with TF2 skins in one place? offers everything at once. It's a great place to invest and sell items. 

tf2 gambling sites

👍 Advantages:

👎 Disadvantages: is a good choice for gamers who don't like to browse sites but are looking for a whole range of entertainment in one place. The commission here is only 6%, and you can earn a 2% discount if you add your nickname in Steam with the name of the site.


This bookmaker's office is focused on an international audience. It provides a multilingual interface and clear website navigation. Different types of eSports are offered for betting. Customers can bet on the matches of CS:GO, League of Legends, Starcraft, World of Tanks, FIFA, and many others. At the moment, you can make deposits only in fiat but the bookmaker is working to expand the list to other payment methods, for example, open access to TF2 betting.

tf2 gamble

👍 Advantages:

👎 Disadvantages:

GG.Bet keeps on developing and offers new features for the fans of games, including TF2. Hopefully, new features and currencies will be updated soon in order to reach a wider audience.

3. Stake

The online casino is positioning itself as a crypto platform, as it currently accepts deposits in different types of digital currency. The establishment works on expanding the functionality, so you should expect other deposit methods, such as TF2 skins and other games. All games are checked by the Provably Fair system. There are well-known and unique slots available for the gambling experience.

tf2 gambling site

👍 Advantages:

👎 Disadvantages: is suitable for dynamic and exciting betting on classic, new, and exclusive games.

4. MyStake

This online casino offers a lavish welcome package that will allow you to add up to $1,000 to your bankroll when you deposit $201 or more. In addition, cryptocurrency holders have a separate reward available when they deposit in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, and a number of other digital currencies. There is a 15% cashback for the live casino, which is paid out every week.

tf2 betting

👍 Advantages:

👎 Disadvantages: is a gambling site for those looking for generous welcome offers.

5. GamDom

It is possible to profitably invest your TF2 skins in Gamdom gambling games. There are plenty of entertainment types here, including Roulette, Slots, Crash, Dice, Hilo, and many more. You can make predictions on the outcomes of sports events. Withdrawals are available in any currency and TF2 skins.

tf2 bet

👍 Advantages:

👎 Disadvantages:

GamDom is suitable for absolutely all gamers who play with crypto, fiat, and TF2 skins. Easy deposit and withdrawal attract many gamers.

6. TF2Easy

The site focuses on TF2 skins and offers a variety of games, including Jackpots, upgrades, and case openings. It is a rare case when the site is centered on one type of skins, which attracts fans of this game. Every user is guaranteed security with SSL encryption, and five types of cases are presented for an exciting experience.

tf2 gambling websites

👍 Advantages:

👎 Disadvantages:

TF2Easy is the choice of Team Fortress 2 fans who collect skins and try to expand their inventory.

7. TF2Hunt

This is a concise and simple site for TF2 bet in Jackpot and Coinflip games. At the moment, these are all options for gambling and adding to your collection of skins. Deposits and withdrawals are also available only in TF2 skins making the site highly specialized and uni-directed.

tf2 sites gambling

👍 Advantages:

👎 Disadvantages:

TF2Hunt is visited by players who focus on one game and do not want extraneous features.

8. TF2Blaze

Players who prefer only TF2 are happy to discover TF2Blaze, where there is nothing superfluous - only betting with skins of their favorite game. There is a choice of four entertainment - Jackpot, Raffle, King, and Coinflip, each of which is capable of giving thrilling waves.