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Find the best and legit sites to buy RUST skins

Trustworthy Marketplaces to Buy RUST skins with bonuses and free promo codes

Best Places to Buy Rust Skins


While RUSTSkins is going to top our list, there are other online venues to make Rust trades, as well. Besides the Steam market, here are a few of our picks for safe, smooth trading. is a comprehensive marketplace dedicated entirely to Rust skins and items. Across their catalog, you’ll find everything from the cheapest deals to the absolute rarest finds in the game. It is the first market focused purely on Rust, and it remains the fastest, safest, and most efficient way for players to buy and sell their Rust skins.


DMarket is a site that sells skins for games like DOTA 2, CSGO, and a few others. Since it’s not heavily dedicated to Rust items, it doesn’t have quite as expansive of a selection as some other sites. However, you can occasionally find a pretty good deal on offered items. Like RUSTSkins, it also shows the list price compared to an average estimated price for that item.

3. offers skins for games such as CSGO, Team Fortress 2, and Rust. Much like DMarket, the selection isn’t too impressive, but you can occasionally sniff out a great deal. Unfortunately, the user interface is a bit of a headache, and there’s no easy way to see what percentage from the average that an item’s price is like you can with RUSTSkins.

4. is another option for anything from DOTA 2 to Team Fortress 2. It’s not Rust-centric, but it actually offers a larger selection of items than the two previous sites. However, unfortunately, we noticed that most of the prices were quite a bit higher than we were able to find elsewhere.


Skinport is the final site we’d suggest. In many ways, it’s a very similar service to, but it does unfortunately suffer from its exact same problems. It’s a trading hub for CSGO, DOTA 2, Team Fortress 2, and of course, Rust. While it has a pretty generous selection of skins and items, the prices certainly aren’t the best we’ve found and are usually a fair bit higher than those found on RUSTSkins.

Everything you need to know about the Rust skin market

Looking to finally buy your favorite skins in the game but not sure where to buy them? Trying to safely sell your in-game items? Skinport, Tradeit.GG and RUSTSkins are the perfect places for any and all players to trade easily. While there are countless online marketplaces available for Rust, SkinsSwap is the first to focus exclusively on skins and items solely from this game.

Here you can enjoy the best deals on countless in-game items. Skinport offers the most extensive catalog of skins for a fraction of the price of other platforms. Users can sell or buy Rust skins with credit, PayPal, or even cryptocurrency. Separated into categories such as weapons, clothing, and miscellaneous, the market holds all items currently available for purchase.

You can search for an item by name; sort by price, deal, and category; or even set a minimum and maximum price. This way, you’ll be able to organize the massive selection available into a smaller pool of precisely what you’re looking for.

Skinport lists each item with its selling price, as well as the typical price for that item. Next to the selling price, a green or red percentage indicates exactly how the listed value compares to the average. This way, you can easily tell what kind of deal you’re getting.

How do I get to the marketplace in Rust?

You are also allowed to trade Rust skins directly through Steam. These offers come straight from the owners of these skins, so the prices may fluctuate significantly. There’s no guarantee that you’ll find as good of a deal as you would on However, if you’re looking for the Steam Rust market, you can find it by taking the following steps:

  1. Open your Steam client and hover over the “Community” tab. 

  2. Then click “Market.” 

  3. On the small list of games to the right, scroll down until you find “Rust.” You may need to click “Show more.” 

  4. Once you click “Rust,” you will see all the skins and resources available to buy from the Steam Community Market. 

Here you’ll be able to see the item picture and name, as well as the quantity and price. You can also sort by alphabetical order, skin type, quantity, or price. Or you can search for an item by name specifically.

How to buy Rust skins fast and safely?

RUSTSkins, Skinport, Tradeit.GG or any other site, where you are able to buy RUST skins, make it simple to buy any in-game skin you’re looking for. Follow next steps to buy RUST skins: 

  1. First, just add funds to your account using the deposit page. You can select an amount and add the funds using the payment method of your choice, such as PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, Trustly, Bitcoin, or Ethereum.

  2. Once you have added your funds, you can search the marketplace for any items that you’re interested in. Add the skins to your cart, and then proceed to checkout. Once you’ve purchased your items, you can withdraw them to your Steam account.

  3. In order to complete a purchase, you’ll need to sign into your Steam account. You also need to link it to a phone number using the Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator. 

  4. Once you have signed into an eligible account, site for buying RUST skins can send your purchased items directly to your account.

This is the most direct and secure way to trade Rust skins online. This way, there’s no need for third-party services or additional authentication. Merely log in to a trusted Steam account, complete the transaction, and you will receive your items quickly.

If you wish to re-list the items after purchase, you do not need to withdraw them to your Steam account. Instead, just navigate to the “Sell” tab, choose the new price, and resell.

Why use to buy RUST skins?

Skinport is a safe, professional hub of online Rust item trading. Run by a DE-based team known as Skinport GmbH, the site’s founders are gaming industry experts with over a decade of experience. The site also uses Trustpilot, allowing customers to leave reviews or see the reviews left by other customers regarding their transactions.

This makes for complete transparency on Skinport’s behalf, allowing all customers to see exactly what they’re dealing with before laying their money down. While there are numerous other services to choose from, none share the same reputation and safety measures as Skinport.

Not only that, Skinport’s prices are a fraction of most other sites that have skins for sale. Some of their top sellers typically go for as low as half the price that other marketplaces charge. While the sellers handle all the sales fees, Skinport charges far less than other sites. This means that sellers can put their items up for less and still make a profit, making for a better deal on the buyer’s end as well.

All of this, paired with a quick and easy transaction method, makes Skinport the best marketplace available. In a matter of minutes, you can have your favorite Rust skins in your Steam account ready and waiting, all for an excellent price.

What is the best thing to buy in Rust?

While the most expensive and likely most popular item is by and large the armor skin known as the Punishment Mask(which typically tends to sell for well over $1,500.00), many players would be quick to stand by their own personal favorites.

This includes options like the extremely popular Battle-Scarred AKS47, or the Tempered AK47, both of which are assault rifle weapon skins, and far cheaper than the aforementioned Punishment Mask.

Overall, if you can find the site, for buying RUST skins, you’re looking for on, chances are you’ll find the best deals for cheap there.