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Best CS2 / CS:GO Gambling Sites with affiliate codesin 2024

Here you will find trustworthy CS2 / CS:GO gambling sites & more. Legit and fully reviewed!


Try now and win on casino, roulette, jackpot, coinflip, case opening websites! We post only sites with free bonuses, good provably fair system and fairly odds. You can also find here CS:GO earning sites, where you can get free money by doing surveys, playing games or watching ads!


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a computer game with millions of gamers from all over the world. The global success has opened up new opportunities to play for skins and other items in roulette, blackjack, dice, and other gambling activities.


Due to the high demand for CS:GO gambling sites, they began to appear exponentially. If users want to find an honest and transparent portal, they will have to spend a lot of time studying the new sites. It is easy to save time if you read credible reviews with relevant ratings. It is an efficient way to find a trusted CS:GO casino. If you want to invest your skins profitably, then read on to learn how and where to do it


10 Best CS:GO Gambling Sites in 2024:

  • CSGORoll – World’s longest established CS:GO game site;
  • GamDom – The best crypto and CS:GO casino portal for you;
  • CSGOEmpire – The most trusted CS:GO Skin Gambling Site;
  • DatDrop – Best CS:GO open case and battle opening;
  • DuelBits – CS:GO & Crypto Sports Betting and Casino;
  • — Drop is better than from Gaben;
  • CSGO500 – 500 Casino – #1 CS:GO & Crypto Gambling Site;
  • DaddySkins – Really rare skins with Real random;
  • CSGOLuck – Entirely new CS:GO gambling experience;
  • – Open CS:GO cases, get the best skins for pennies.

Free bonuses on CS:GO gambling sites

There are many CS:GO gambling sites that are offering affiliate bonuses for new users. On some of these sites you can withdraw even without depositing! Some of these sites also have daily rewards for all the users. Most likely, the higher level you are on a site, the higher daily reward you’ll get. Affiliate bonuses and daily rewards are great ways to get free CS:GO skins if you’re lucky. To get affiliate bonuses, you have to use provided referral code on the site or just login on website (depends on site).

List of the Best CS:GO Gambling Sites in May 2024

CS:GO Gambling Site Games Promo Code Bonuses Activate Link
list-item-1 CS:GO gamble-csgo 3 Free Spins Up to $1,000 +5% Deposit bonus play now
CS:GO top100list Claim 15% instant rakeback for the first 7 days upon Signup + Earn up to 60% Rakeback play now
CS:GO top100list Receive a free Gift Case worth anywhere from $0.01 to $1445 play now
CS:GO top100list Get +5% to every deposit, but max $100 per 24 hours play now
CS:GO infotoplist Get instant unlock Ace’s rewards, with nearly 50% Rakeback play now
CS:GO gamblecsgo $1 for free, Daily Free Bonus play now
CS:GO top100list 100% deposit bonus up to $1k and 50 free spins play now
CS:GO gamble100 Free 5% first deposit bonus play now
CS:GO HELLAGOOD 100% up to 200 coin deposit bonus play now
CS:GO gamblecsgo100 $0.55 for FREE +10% for Deposit play now

How do we pick the best CS:GO gambling sites?

We are strictly selecting betting sites, we are looking at many aspects before adding website to the list.

Popularity of website
Popularity of website
We are listing only sites that are well established and trusted by many users. We are aware of fake traffic on some gambling sites like bots that bet and/or chat, we are doing deeper research to make sure that site we want to list doesn't use such practices.
Provably fair and fairly odds
Provably fair and fairly odds
All of the listed casinos here are checked if they have fairly odds and provably fair system that can be easily verified. There are some gambling sites that using external API (for example to ensure fairness of results.
Withdraw and deposit
Withdraw and deposit
Topping up funds and withdrawing them should be fast and easy. Top betting sites usually offers huge variety of payment and cashout options. You can find here sites in which you can play with CSGO skins, DOTA2 skins, real money, cryptocurrencies.

Now let's look at all these gamble sites in more detail



It reopened after a two-year break in 2020. It has many handy and useful modes integrated, such as roll, crash, unboxing, and PVP battle.

Pros are as follows
  • SSL encryption to protect personal data
  • promo codes and daily bonuses;
  • high-quality animation;
  • responsive support team with live chat.
Cons include:
  • there is no way to withdraw real money, only CS:GO skins;
  • prohibition of gambling to users from some countries.

It is an appropriate choice for experienced users and beginners who want to use their skins in gambling.



Here you can use skins to play roulette, crash, Hilo, and tradeup. In addition, having fiat or cryptocurrency in your wallet, you can test your luck with other gambling slots.

Pros are as follows
  • a large list of payment systems
  • acceptance of skins, regular money, and crypto
  • signup bonus
  • CIL Curacao license
Cons include:
  • absence of live chat with the support desk
  • closed access from some countries

It is suitable for gambling on PC and smartphone, users can play slots and bet on cybersports.



This is one of the first websites that started accepting skins as in-game currency. The peer-to-peer trading system is especially convenient when a gamer withdraws a skin while accepting another user’s deposit.

Pros are as follows
  • long operation time
  • active live chat
  • a variety of options for making a deposit
  • easy registration and transactions
Cons include:
  • it is not possible to play from some countries
  • crypto transactions should be unblocked

CSGOEmpire is suitable for betting with skins and cases. It is popular among gamers with different financial capabilities due to the low entry threshold.



The main focus of this website is opening cases and exchanging items. Players can arrange Openbox duels and win cool loot. Cases are offered in different price ranges. You can play Blackjack, Coinflip, Gems, and Jackpot by clicking on a special link.

Pros are as follows
  • multifunctionality
  • transparent rules
  • a wide range of prices
  • it can be launched on PCs and mobile platforms
Cons include:
  • switching to another portal for gambling entertainment
  • deposit terms for opening cases

DatDrop is suitable for the active exchange of skins and opening cases, and the most passionate gamblers can shift to the game site.



There are no trading bots, and the exchange is conducted between players directly. In addition to an extensive library with games by well-known providers, the website offers Dice Duels, its development.

Pros are as follows
  • 100% legality
  • fast skin exchange
  • acceptance of cryptocurrency
  • bonus program
Cons include:
  • lack of welcome bonuses
  • restricted access for some countries

DuelBits is suitable for holders of skins and cryptocurrencies who prefer a wide variety of gambling.



Here it is possible to earn money by opening cases if luck is on the user’s side and expensive loot is received. Users can sell unneeded skins to the bot and continue the game.

Pros are as follows
  • in addition to skins, several types of currencies are accepted
  • case battles between gamers
  • cryptocurrency deposits
  • legality and transparency
Cons include:
  • withdrawals in skins only
  • not many games

This website is suitable for those who like to compete in opening cases with other players. The cost per case starts at 30 cents.



This website provides the possibility to use skins for such games as roulette. It conducts promotions and gives bonuses and promo codes. The brand has its own store, which sells items for in-game currency.

Pros are as follows
  • bonuses every day
  • legal work
  • rich game library
  • three game modes
Cons include:
  • several different domains
  • skins can only be withdrawn via P2P

CSGO500 is the choice of those gamers who enjoy risk, roulette, and combat mode. Here you can get a dose of adrenaline.



Since 2017, the website enables users to open simple and unique cases, and bet with skins on different games, such as Arenas, Jackpot, and others. The integrated Provably Fair system ensures fair and transparent betting.

Pros are as follows
  • 5% deposit bonus
  • withdrawal in skins and crypto
  • high RTP rate
  • possibility of winning the Jackpot
Cons include:
  • support is only via email
  • Ethereum is the only crypto option for cash out

DaddySkins is good for passionate gamers who like to collect loot from cases.



This website is just gaining popularity, so it doesn’t have many visitors yet. Thus, Jackpot and Coinflip games are played less frequently. It gives no deposit and other bonuses. Popular games can be played for skins.

Pros are as follows
  • proven fairness of games
  • deposit in multiple currencies
  • a detailed review of skins
  • daily free cases
Cons include:
  • low attendance
  • only skins are available for withdrawal

CSGOLuck is suitable for beginners who want to boost their arsenal through free bonus giveaways.



The introduction of Provably Fair increases gamers’ confidence in the website, and the large selection of cases and their upgrade help get more unique items.

Pros are as follows
  • possibility to improve cases and loot
  • availability of reputable payment systems
  • free coins and other gifts
  • holiday promotions
Cons include:
  • there are no games other than opening cases
  • poor technical support is a choice for those who are only interested in cases and their contents.

The most popular gamemodes for CS:GO sites

🎲 CS:GO Roulette
One of the most popular gambling games among casinos. Your objective when playing roulette is to pick a number or set of numbers (for example, black or red numbers). If roulette ball will land on number you bet on, your bet will be multiplied by certain multiplier, depending on a roulette type. The most popular roulette type on CS:GO betting sites is one with 15 numbers: 7 blacks, 7 reds, 1 green. In this roulette type, you get 2x your bet if you bet on red or black and it lands on it, or 14x if you hit green.
🎲 CS:GO Coinflip
Very simple game, in which you choose one side of the coin and if it lands on your side, you win, otherwise you lose. In coinflips you usually play against other players. You and a player you play against have to bet same amount of money.
🎲 CS:GO Crash
Game, in which you can choose a winning multiplier. Each round, the multiplier rises and in random moment it crashes. If crash multiplier is higher than your winning multiplier, you win by multiplier you've chosen.
🎲 CS:GO Jackpot
Jackpot is a game, in which players are placing bets on the round. At the end of the round winner is picked randomly. Your winning chance depends on your deposit and total pot. If you've deposited $2, and other people deposited $8 in total, you have 20% to win, because total pot is $10.
🎲 CS:GO Case Opening
If you are looking to open CS:GO cases, you should try external sites for that. As opening in-game cases has very low RTP (Return To Player), which will make you lose money 90% of the time. With CS:GO case opening sites, you can increase your chances and get better items.

How to gamble on CS:GO?

CS:GO gambling means placing bets while playing gambling games with skins. This is how you can exchange skins for the in-game currency of the website, then this guide is for you.

First, log in to Steam. You need to set access to the inventory in the settings and form a link. Then enter the site for gambling and select the skins for bets.

After exchanging the skin for coins, you can start playing. At the end of the round, the bankroll is checked and the funds are counted. Withdrawal of in-game coins is impossible but they can be used to buy better skins than those that were intended for the game.

If you are interested in CS:GO betting, the scheme is almost the same, but instead of gambling, sports betting options will be offered.

Here is a step-by-step guide based on the example of CSGORoll, which is popular among most gamers of the shooter

The first step is logging into your Steam account.
Proceed to Your Steam trade URL and make the link.
Select the required section with the game, and then go to the inventory.
Select the necessary skins for the exchange and wait for the site bot to process the request.
Check the boxes for the selected inventory and confirm the exchange.
Wait for the result and get coins to the account.

These simple steps will help you to play with skins and earn rewards for successful bets.

Why choose CSGOCatalog?

❤️ Only trusted CS:GO, Dota 2, RUST sites
We are listing only trusted sites. We are checking every site for a good provably fair system and checking deposit and withdraw, to make sure that your funds are safe when betting on these sites. If a website becomes unfair or non-withdrawable, we will instantly remove it from the list.
🎁 Free Giveaways
All of the listed casinos here are checked if they have fairly odds and provably fair system that can be easily verified. There are some gambling sites that using external API (for example to ensure fairness of results.
👥 User Experience
Topping up funds and withdrawing them should be fast and easy. Top betting sites usually offers huge variety of payment and cashout options. You can find here sites in which you can play with CSGO skins, DOTA2 skins, real money, cryptocurrencies.
ℹ Support
We are here to help you choose trustworthy site. If you need assistance, contact us on twitter @csgocatalog or e-mail: [email protected]


Bets with skins can be both very useful and unsuccessful. If luck is on your side, then unnecessary skins will become excellent currency for the purchase of more useful and expensive CS:GO items.


Can you still gamble on CS:GO?

That is exactly right. Gambling on CS:GO can bring not only money but also unique skins and other CS:GO gear.

What is the best CS:GO gambling site?

According to players, the best website today is CSGORoll. However, there are a number of other legal platforms with a good reputation.

Should I gamble on CS:GO?

Bets with CS:GO skins can bring substantial rewards, such as rare and unique items. if you control your emotions and manage your bankroll – CS:GO gambling will bring the fun.

How does gambling work in CS:GO?

It is similar to regular gambling in casinos, except that bets are placed with skins instead of real money.