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Best Sell CS2 / CS:GO Skins Sites with affiliate codesin 2024

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CS:GO – short for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – is a popular competitive third-person tactical shooter that groups you with friends to win matches by completing objectives or wiping out the opposition team.

The game is amongst the most followed eSports game in history, with a peak of 1.12 million viewers watching the game’s international Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) competition in 2022! With such a strong following after its release a decade ago (2012), it is surprising to know that the game is free-to-play, meaning that the developers earn revenue by way of other means instead of actual game sales.

One of those revenue streams is through the sales of in-game CS:GO skins! The developers continue to introduce new cosmetics to allow you to look unique and badass, ranging from weapon skins to agent outfits.

You can also make your own income by selling your CS:GO skins for cash too, and here you can find the best places for you to sell skins instantly.

Difference Between Trading and Selling CS2 / CS:GO Skins

Here is a guide for those who are confused about trading and selling skins:

  • selling means the sale for real money. You can sell unnecessary or rare items;
  • trading implies a more complex process that requires knowledge of the market and current trends. Experienced traders get valuable cosmetics for profitable resale.

Often a skin is bought as an asset. This is a long-term investment that may only pay off in a few years.

What is the Rarity of CS2 / CS:GO Skins?

In CS:GO, every skin is valued differently, and this directly affects its total market price. It goes without saying that the rarer a skin is, the more expensive it is sold. In fact, some can even fetch more than a thousand dollars for you, which is just mind-blowing!

To understand how rare a CS:GO skin is, these are the criteria that come into play:

Skin Grades. Skins acquired during gameplay (item drops) have different colour codes that depict their tier inside the game, with the better ones valued higher. These are the different skin grades available (ordered from basic to special):

  • Common (White) – Base Grade, Consumer Grade
  • Uncommon (Light Blue) – Industrial Grade
  • Rare (Dark Blue) – High Grade, Mil-Spec
  • Mythical (Purple) – Remarkable, Restricted
  • Legendary (Pink) – Exotic, Classified
  • Ancient (Red) – Extraordinary, Covert
  • Exceedingly Rare (Gold) – Rare Special
  • Immortal (Orange) – Contraband

Skin Types. While browsing the Steam Community Market or online websites, skins – also called “finishes” by the community – will have different coloured borders surrounding their preview ‘cards’. Here are what the coloured borders mean, with special quality leading to higher profit (ordered from basic to special):

  • White (Common)
  • Yellow (Souvenir)
  • Orange (StatTrack™)
  • Dark Green (Genuine)
  • Light Green (Prototype)

Skin Condition. The most impressive feature of skins in CS:GO is their overall wear condition, which diversifies the in-game cosmetics further even if they are of the same weapon, grade, and type. A skin’s condition (wear) is distinguished between (ranked from cheapest to most expensive):

  • Battle-Scarred
  • Well-Worn
  • Field-Tested
  • Minimal Wear
  • Factory New

As the names suggest, a clean weapon skin that is Factory New will be very expensive on the market due to its untampered aesthetics. On the other hand, ‘used’ conditions like Battle-Scarred drive the general prices lower because of the overall scratches and fading colours. You can get hundreds of combinations from these different aspects that fluctuates a skin’s market price, driven by a volatile supply-and-demand curve.

If you’re not picky, though, then you can start selling as many weapon skins right now by joining CS:GO Cashout Skins sites today!

What are CS2 / CS:GO Skins?

CS:GO skins are in-game cosmetics that change the default appearance of your items, such as weapons, gloves, outfits, etc. These skins do not alter any item’s base stat or competitive attribute; they are only made for aesthetic purposes.

Nevertheless, due to design changes made by some rarer CS:GO skins, certain players have argued that a few cosmetics do provide slight advantages when it comes to weapon accuracy and shooting precision. Still, each player has different playing styles and gameplay settings that they are accustomed to, so such concerns are generally considered personal opinions or mere speculation.

What HAS been proven about CS:GO skins, though, is that they make you feel emboldened, confident, and ready to take on anyone in the game! Picture yourself rocking a ‘Snake Camo’ AWP on Dust II, sniping enemies while being camouflaged with the surroundings. Want to be a bit flashier? Go for melee kills with the ‘Gamma Doppler Phase 4’ Shadow Daggers, showcasing its awesome green tint for everyone to see.

Extraordinary CS:GO skins like these continue to attract players back into the game, and believe it or not, the more special ones can cost thousands of dollars just for you to own it right now! Imagine the profit from that!

With the game’s eSports being as popular as ever, there ARE buyers who are willing to purchase these beautiful in-game cosmetics. Furthermore, even the pros have their own favourite skins that they use during competitive play as well, which bumps up the price and lucrative value of the skins respectively.

Due to the worldwide fanfare that CS:GO continues to garner even today, the game will continue to be played by gamers and supported by the developers for years to come. And the good thing is, even more exceptional skins will continue to be introduced too, moving forward!

How and Where to Sell CS2 / CS:GO Skins Profitably

Selling, exchanging, and buying skins has become common for CS:GO gamers. Cosmetics have become the currency and you can get real money in exchange. It is impossible to do so in the official Steam store because the system does not provide cashouts. For this, there are many third-party sites where monetizing your inventory is easy. They differ in trading conditions, commissions, and prices for skins. Let’s take a look at a few well-known portals and compare the cost of Desert Eagle | Ocean Drive.

What are the Prices of Desert Eagle | Ocean Drive on Different CS2 / CS:GO Trading Sites?

If you wonder where to sell CS:GO skins, a brief review of several websites and price comparisons for the well-known Desert Eagle | Ocean Drive skin will help.

The site was designed to sell skins and items gained in CS:GO and other games. The cost of the factory new skin is $210.
This site specializes in buying and selling CS:GO, RUST, Dota 2, and TF2 skins. If you consider factory new Desert Eagle | Ocean Drive, its price would be €163.28.
This platform has an intuitive interface and a competitive cost for skins. You will have to pay $244.02 for the factory-new Desert Eagle | Ocean Drive.
The site offers a much more comfortable search environment and indicates the blocking period on the skin right away. A factory-new skin will cost at least $240.
There are sections on the platform that make it easy to find the right skin by weapon type. Factory new Desert Eagle | Ocean Drive will cost $689.4. It's convenient that users can view the price chart. However, there is no way to find out the status of the skin without logging into it.
The platform provides in-house currency. The value of the iconic skin which is factory-new is 296.70 coins. If you convert the amount, your cost will be around €166,15.
The site supports several dozen types of currencies and offers a convenient view of the skin in a separate window. Factory new Desert Eagle | Ocean Drive is $451.52.

Is it safe to sell your CS2 / CS:GO Skins?

During the process of CS:GO skins selling, you enjoy many amazing benefits that make the website stand out from the rest of its competition.

Here are the main reasons why players love to sell CS:GO skins:

Better payment options
Better payment options (including cryptocurrencies). There are up to seven (7) different cash out alternatives for you to sell your weapon skins
Top-notch security
Top-notch security. Strict protocols and secure channels are practiced in order to protect your transactions and personal information, especially when the website is directly linked to Steam itself.
Ease of selling skins
Ease of selling skins. After registering an account, it only takes a few clicks for you to put your CS:GO skins up for sale, letting you focus on other matters afterward.
Engaging community
Engaging community. Industry has a tight-knit group of people that actively supports and make deals with each other on a regular basis, ensuring consistent help and advice whenever you need them.
Unmatched prices for skins
Unmatched prices for skins. Sites is very generous when it comes to buying your in-game cosmetics, offering high prices compared to others on the market.

How to Sell your CS2 / CS:GO Skins Quickly

You can sell CS:GO skins for money right now by following these very easy steps:

1.Login via Steam account

  • Visit SkinCashier, CashoutSkins or Skins.Cash and then click on ‘Login’ located at the top-right corner of the homepage.
  • Log in using your Steam account, prompting a secure and trusted channel between CashoutSkins and your Steam profile.

2.Add Steam Trade URL

  • Insert your Steam Trade URL to allow forthcoming trade offers to come in.
  • If you do not know your Steam Trade URL, you can either:
  1. Click on the “Find your Trade URL here” link provided
  2. Locate it inside your Steam account (Profile->Inventory->Trade Offers->Who can send me Trade Offes?)

3.Select the skins to be sold

  • Browse through your CS:GO’s Steam inventory to find the skins that you wish to sell.
  • Use the filter menu to make your search quicker.

4.Choose preferred method of payment

  • Select your chosen payment to be received.
  • Here, you have different options to cash out CS:GO skins:
  1. Bank Transfer
  2. Skrill
  3. PayPal
  4. Cash App
  5. Bitcoin
  6. Litecoin
  7. Ethereum

5.Start selling skins

  • Begin trading skins by accepting offers from us, in exchange for valuable real-world money (according to your chosen payment method).

6.Enjoy your money!

  • Chill and play some CS:GO matches while the cash is being processed and transferred.
  • Pro tip: unlock more CS:GO skins to sell them for more money!

As you can see, making cash by playing CS:GO is a proven reality, especially when you do it with legit sites! You can sell CS:GO skins for PayPal money or cryptocurrency too, whichever suits you.

Different Ways on How to Get the Best CS2 / CS:GO Skins

Owning your own item skins is quite straightforward but requires a lot of dedicated playing time – and a little bit of luck – if you wish to acquire them WITHOUT paying a single dime.

It is certainly doable, but special skins like the M4A4’s ‘The Coalition’ are almost impossible to get without dipping your hands inside the wallet. That being said, here are the possible ways for you to obtain your own in-game cosmetics in CS:GO, in general:

Receive a skin via random item drops after playing an official online match
Receive a skin from opening Cases (acquired as a match drop, bought online, or traded with others) or Souvenir Packages
Get a better-quality skin by merging ten (10) of the same grade/ rarity through a Trade Up Contract
Purchasing a skin from the Steam Community Market
Trading with other players for your preferred skin

That’s quite a lot of ways for you to get skins in CS:GO. Since the game is already free to play, obtaining in-game weapon cosmetics without having to spend a single cent seems like a dream come true for most gamers out there!

And the best part of it all, you can sell them for quick money right from the get-go. If a little bit of cash is what you’re looking for, but you don’t know where to sell CS:GO skins to make a profit, CSGOCatalog got you covered!


Can I sell CS:GO skins for money?

Officially, direct-selling of your CS:GO skins for actual money offline can be considered an illegal practice that is not supported by the developers, Valve.

Nevertheless, as cosmetic items, in-game skins CAN BE TRADED through legitimate platforms such as the Steam Community Market or CashoutSkins, allowing virtual currency to be used for the trade which will later be converted into real-world money for you to profit afterward.

How do I sell my CS:GO Skins instantly?

To sell your CS:GO skins quickly, these two (2) online marketplaces are preferred:

  • Steam Community Market
  • Trusted third-party platforms (CashoutSkins, etc.)

Depending on your choice, the general practice of selling CS:GO skins for instant cash works like this:

  1. Log in to your account. To sell on the Steam Community Market, you only need to sign in using your Steam profile. On popular online websites, create an account by linking it with your Steam profile to allow transactions to pass through.
  2. Sell the skin on the market. On the chosen marketplace, choose the CS:GO skin to be put up for sale from your available inventory.
  3. Specify preferred payment method. Choose the payment that you wish to receive for the sale of your item skin.
  4. Accept a trade offer. Proceed to accept any tempting offer that closely matches your selling price.

The selling process is usually fast, but some transactions may take a few days depending on the payment method chosen, such as Bitcoin or bank transfer.

How do I sell my CS:GO skins through PayPal?

To receive payments straight to your PayPal account, the same general process is practiced albeit with slight changes made.

Do note that PayPal payments can only be done via secure external marketplaces (Skins.Cash. CashoutSkins, etc.) because the Steam Community Market does not support this type of transaction. To demonstrate:

  1. Sign in to your account
  2. Select the chosen skin to be sold
  3. Choose ‘PayPal’ as the payment method to be received
  4. Enter your PayPal credentials when prompted
  5. Accept the trade offer that comes afterward (minimum amount for PayPal transaction is $20)

As stated, the overall process is the same, and the only differences are the payment method specified (in this case, PayPal) and your information required.

How do I sell CS:GO skins on Steam?

In order to sell skins on Steam, the process is slightly different. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Launch Steam and log in to your account.
  2. Move the cursor above your profile username, select ‘Inventory’ when the small menu appears.
  3. Choose the CS:GO tab to browse its inventory, pick the preferred item skin, and click ‘Sell’ below the item’s preview/ details.
  4. Review the average selling price of the skin provided by the on-screen chart, and then specify the amount that you wish to sell the skin for.
  5. Agree to the Steam Subscriber Agreement and press the “OK, put it up for sale” button below.

Start selling your CS:GO skins to make quick bucks right now!