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Is Freecash legit in 2024

What is Freecash?

If you want to make extra cash online but don’t know where to start, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will introduce you to Freecash. This is a popular get-paid-to website where you can earn free money by completing certain tasks such as playing games, taking surveys, or testing selected apps.

Every task or activity is easy to complete. After completing a required task, you will be rewarded with Freecash coins which you can later withdraw with the desirable method of cashout. Start earning money right now and upon signing up use our bonus code “hellagood” to claim a free case worth up to $250.

Is Freecash legit?

If you wonder is Freecash legit, we can solve your doubts and confirm its legitimacy. This can be described through several aspects. First of all, this platform is owned by German company Almedia GmbH and it successfully follows all legal regulations and laws. Therefore it is available in multiple countries without any restrictions.

Freecash is the most popular get-paid-to site out there as it has approximately 8 million users each month and that fact speaks for itself. Also, if you explore user reviews, you will find nothing but excellent comments from satisfied customers. For instance, on Trustpilot, there are many positive reviews and this platform holds a high grade of  4.6 stars.

This platform implements SSL protocols that will ensure the security of your data and operations, while your withdrawal transactions will be smooth and secure. Also, you have plenty of options when it comes to cashout. From fiat money to cryptocurrency or even some partners associated with Freecash such as Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Stake Casino, Counter-Strike 2, and others.

Why choose Freecash?

As a proven and legit get-paid-to app, FreeCash will be worth your while. There are many areas in which this site excels, and we will emphasize some of them:

  • Trusted reputation: FreeCash has been in business for a while now and it still holds the top spot on the GPT market with a large base of satisfied users who always come back for more money.
  • Plenty of earning options: This site enables a wide range of offers including a bunch of games you can play, apps you need to test, quizzes you need to take on, or casino where you need to wager. Whichever you choose, you won’t find any harder difficulties in fulfilling the task and making some free cash.
  • Generous bonus program: As a user of this site, you will have the opportunity to use the benefits of various bonuses such as free cases, bonus codes, daily bonuses, 7 day Streak rewards, or leaderboards.
  • Flexible cashout options: When it comes to withdrawing, every method you can imagine is available. Whether you want to withdraw in cash you can choose between Visa, PayPal, or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and others. If you want to withdraw in skins you can select CS2, Fortnite, LOL, or Valorant. Also, you can withdraw gift cards from some partners associated with FreeCash like Amazon, Netflix, Apple, Steam, Playstation, and others.
  • Low payout threshold: Unlike other sites, Freecash offers you to cash out when you earn a minimum of 5 $ so you won’t wait for too long to withdraw your free money. Also, if you choose to withdraw in crypto, that minimum is set to just $0,25 which is the lowest you can find out there.

Additional Freecash bonuses

While you are busy completing the required tasks and taking necessary actions, this app has great bonus incentives waiting for you. Here is the list of main bonuses you can expect:

  • Sing Up bonus: – Get a free case worth up to $250 upon signing up
  • Bonus codes: – follow Freecash’s official channels, blog, and other third-party sites because bonus codes are regularly posted. For instance, try Freecash Promo codehellagood” and receive a free case
  • Daily Bonus Ladder: – Come back every day and claim your daily bonus or test your luck and try double or nothing where you can double it up. The bonus money starts at $0,01 and as you level up the amount also increases
  • 7 day Streak Rewards: – Earn at least $1 daily for 7 consecutive days and you will have the chance to claim up to $50 bonus cash
  • Leaderboard: – FreeCash offers a whooping $500 for the winner of a daily leaderboard or even $5000 for a monthly leaderboard. All you have to do is start making free money and take the top spot with the highest earnings
  • Affiliate program: Earn up to 30% commission of everything your friends and other users earn if they sign up via your referral link

Freecash strategies to win

There are certain strategies you can implement that will help you save your time and earn more money. Here are the most beneficial ones:

  • In order to increase your earnings, you need to focus on games with the highest payouts. Also, we recommend you check the history of leaderboard winners and the tasks they have completed to choose the best ones.
  • Play multiple games or test multiple apps at once. A lot of tasks require some time to complete and while you are dealing with them you will have some idle time. That is why you should take another task to increase your earnings.
  • Participate in daily and monthly leaderboard races that can massively increase your cash out. Also, check for daily bonuses and bonus codes that regularly drop off.
  • Refer your affiliate link to others and earn up to 30% commission on everything they earn on FreeCash. That will boost your money to a whole new level, while your friends will get free cases

Customer Support

As one of the most popular GPT sites on the market, Freecash has superb customer support that is available 24/7 for its users. Whether you have a certain question or a problem to solve, the support will deal with it in no time. You can contact them via these options:

  • Live chat: At the start of the conversation you will talk with a bot that will connect you with an agent if it is necessary.
  • Email: If your issue still isn’t solved, you can contact support via their e-mail: [email protected].
  • Phone: Not available
  • Social networks: social media links can be found at the bottom of the Freecash website. Networks they use are Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and others.
  • Languages supported: Danish, Portuguese, Polish, French, Swedish, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese, English

Users are free to use their local language in communication with support agents, but agents will use a translator and give an answer in English. Also, there is a lack of phone support. All in all, this customer support will give you a pleasant experience on Freecash.

My own experience on Freecash

While dealing with Freecash tasks, my experience has been nothing short of wonderful as I haven’t had a single problem with any of the website’s abilities. Usage of Freecash is very easy and I got a free case upon signing up.

Most of the time I have played video games offered by Freecash where you basically needed to achieve a certain level in-game in order to be awarded free money. Also, I have completed many surveys, taking into consideration that they are easy to complete and don’t take too much time.

When it comes to withdraw, whichever option you choose, transactions are fast and you will have your earned cash in no time. I advise you to use cryptocurrency if you withdraw cash because it has the smallest fee. All in all, you can definitely earn some good money on a daily basis, but do not expect that it will cover your monthly costs of living.


Is Freecash legit?

Yes, Freecash is a legit get-paid-to platform that has been in business for years and it has always delivered promised earnings to its users. It is owned by the German Company Almedia GmbH and follows all of the regulations necessary for legal work. That is why it is accessible all around the world and the reason for its large customer base and high reputation.

Can I get free cases on Freecash?

Yes, every newcomer will get a free case upon signing up on Freecash. You should always look out for bonus codes as they can also grant you a free case, for instance, try “hellagood” and claim a free case worth up to $250.

Where can I find the Freecash promo code?

You need to follow Freecash’s official channels like their website, app, blog, and official social network profiles on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, or others. Check these channels regularly, as bonus codes are often dropped. Also, check the third-party sites affiliated with Freecash, they can offer bonus codes like “hellagood”.

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