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Best CS2 / CS:GO Lucky Wheel with affiliate codesin 2024

Here you will find trustworthy CS2 / CS:GO Lucky Wheel sites & more. Legit and fully reviewed!


Verified Websites with CS2 / CS:GO Lucky Wheel

Perhaps Wheel of Fortune is the most common game of chance on sites that accept CS:GO skins. It has many variations, different rules, prize sectors, and rewards. However, this variety only increases the number of players who want to test their luck. Having placed a bet, you only have to wait for the end of the spin and hope for a lucky break.

CSGO Lucky Wheel is offered by sites that focus on skins. There are a lot of such web platforms today. Beginners and even experienced high rollers often can’t decide where to invest their items to get a guaranteed payout. Don’t waste your time searching and testing – we already did that work for you! Here are the top 8 CS:GO Lucky Wheel Sites that you will definitely like.


Read our review of the best sites that offer CSGO Lucky Wheel in peculiar formats. You’ll have the opportunity to try different options, have an exciting gaming experience and, if you’re lucky, earn money on your skins.

  • CSGORoll – the most popular site with CSGO Lucky Wheel called Roll
  • Gamdom – the best site with skins deposit via P2P
  • CSGO500 – the site for advanced gamers
  • Duelbits – the site with the best selection of CSGO Lucky Wheel skins
  • CSGOPolygon – the easiest and most loyal site
  • Stake (CS:GO option will be added soon) – the site with the best rakeback
  • Bandit.Camp – the best design
  • CSGOEmpire – the best mobile version of CS:GO Lucky Wheel

How to Choose the Best CS2 / CS:GO Lucky Wheel Site?

The next question concerns the criteria for selecting a site. These are the main indicators that suggest the reliability and legitimacy of the site and if all items received a positive response, then you can safely proceed to the rotations. There are a lot of them but we will name the main ones:

license - its existence guarantees your protection in case of disputes
rating - it is formed based on a lot of data, it shows the quality of services
bonuses - the more of them, the more often you can get certain privileges and free coins
payments - the site should have several ways to deposit and cashout
attendance - the more online players, the more often duels and battles are held
optimization - the site should not hang, slow down or fail
support - ideally, technical support should work in live chat

Best 8 CS2 / CS:GO Lucky Wheel Sites



The site offers its own version called Roll where there are three different colors and a special “R” sign with assigned multipliers. Red and gray are x2 and green is x14. If the “R” sector appears three times in a row for your bet, you take the jackpot, which can reach several tens of thousands of coins.

Pros are as follows
  • fast deposits with skins
  • bonuses at registration and for activity
  • proprietary CS:GO Lucky Wheel
  • the opportunity to hit the jackpot
Cons include:
  • no withdrawals in real money
  • some skins are not available for withdrawal

CSGORoll is today’s most popular platform for spinning the Roll wheel. You can view the latest results, which can help you decide on your next bet.



There is no CSGO Lucky Wheel in the classic sense here but there is a roulette that is similar in functionality. You just have to choose one of three possible bets: red, black, or zero. You can deposit your CS:GO skins via P2P or do it with cryptocurrency.

Pros are as follows
  • more than a thousand players online at any time
  • license
  • Provably Fair
  • low minimum deposit limit
Cons include:
  • there is no deposit bonus
  • no helpdesk via chat

Gamdom is visited by thousands of gamers who spin roulette, bet on sports, and participate in battles. This is a reliable resource for earning and gambling leisure.



This online casino has developed its own version of the Wheel, making it a thin rim and dividing it into several colors. You just have to choose one color out of four and wait for the end of the spin. The drawing is held every 20 seconds, so everyone has a chance to play.

Pros are as follows
  • the original design of the CSGO Lucky Wheel
  • autoplay, replay of the previous bet
  • dozens of types of cryptocurrencies and CS:GO skins for deposit
  • safe bets and protection of personal data
Cons include:
  • restrictions for some countries
  • transactions in fiat are not supported

CSGO500 is suitable for advanced gamers who have crypto and skins.



When you invest your CS:GO skins, you get a chance to win at the portal’s in-house roulette, or play the Mega Wheel with a real dealer (it takes place in the live broadcast). There’s nothing cooler than waiting for the wheel to stop and hoping for your luck.

Pros are as follows
  • several variants of the Wheel
  • betting with skins and cryptocurrency
  • loyalty program
  • tech support via live chat
Cons include:
  • few bonuses
  • limited countries for registration

Duelbits will show you what true excitement and thrills are once you start playing any of the slots on the site. The mesmerizing CSGO Lucky Wheel spin will keep you coming back to the game again and again.



Whenever you visit the site, there are always a lot of gamers online. This means that the portal is popular and trusted by players. You can play Wheel by Roulette rules by betting on red-black-zero. Bets are played out every 25 seconds.

Pros are as follows
  • a lot of players online
  • a wide selection of games, including CSGO Lucky Wheel as roulette
  • several ways to deposit and cashout
  • generous and lucrative bonuses
Cons include:
  • chat without moderation
  • different domains

CSGOPolygon offers the simplest deposit and withdrawal rules, available games, and the minimum bet. That’s why a lot of gamers with different budgets play here.



The site has become famous in just a few years. It offers a wide range of entertainment for all preferences. The wheel is presented in a minimalist style. It is divided into 6 color sectors and can be launched in manual and auto modes.

Pros are as follows
  • the original design of the Wheel
  • other exciting games
  • support for deposits in crypto
  • efficient support team
Cons include:
  • skins are not supported
  • the maximum multiplier of the Wheel is x4

Stake continues to improve, so deposits in skins are still under development.



The site styled as a RUST bandit camp has become a retreat for more than one gamer. Even CS:GO Lucky Wheel is made in the relevant theme resembling the rusty tin. The prizes here are quite substantial, just bet on one of the five options.

Pros are as follows
  • cool styling and design
  • lots of games with Provably Fair;
  • tasks for free scrap
  • crypto deposit bonuses
Cons include:
  • right skins are sometimes not available
  • limitation in some countries

Bandit.Camp style will be appreciated not only by RUST fans. The wheel produces fair random results, so anyone can win.



The casino has been delighting its visitors with high-quality software and service since 2016. The wheel is similar to Roulette here, and players bet on one of the three options.

Pros are as follows
  • bonuses every day
  • there is a live chat
  • mobile version support
  • deposits via several ways
Cons include:
  • many countries with restrictions
  • only two games

CSGOEmpire is chosen by those who focus on Wheel and coinflip games. These are the best options for investing skins.

How to Play in CS2 / CS:GO Lucky Wheel?

Every site does its best to stand out in the face of fierce competition. So you can see a variety of game formats that are dramatically different from each other. However, the principle and the concept remain the same.

So get acquainted with the simple instructions on how to start playing CS2 / CS:GO Lucky Wheel:

Sign in to your Steam account on the site of your choice.
Set it up for trading.
Deposit the skins.
Make a deliberate bet according to the elaborate strategy.
Wait until the wheel stops and the result appears.

The winning sector is the one where the pointer stopped. If you guessed it by color, image, shape, or other distinctive features – then you are a winner!


There is a reason most gamers choose CSGO Lucky Wheel. It is the best way to have fun.


How can I play CS:GO Lucky Wheel?

It is important to choose a reliable portal to start playing CS:GO Lucky Wheel, log in to your Steam account, and set it up for trading.

What is the best CS:GO gambling site that supports Lucky Wheel?

The top CSGORoll sites include CSGORoll, Gamdom, CSGO500, Duelbits, CSGOPolygon, Stake, Bandit.Camp, and CSGOEmpire.

Is CS:GO Lucky Wheel legit in the USA?

The game is perfectly legal, but everything depends on the selected site and its license.

How to get free money on CS:GO Lucky Wheel?

Free money is available if you redeem codes, complete quests, and win tournaments.