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SkinSwap Promo Codes: Use “hellagood” and Reduce Commission

  • Best costs for instant RUST skins cash out
  • Supports trading and instant sell of RUST skins
  • 1% trading reward accessible
  • No hidden fees
  • High-quality customer support
  • Great reputation
  • Easy sign-up process
  • Secure platform and a moneyback guarantee program
  • As of late delivered site
  • Little determination of CS:GO skins
  • Website only available in English
  • Luck of deposit/cashout options

Skinswap is a genuine CS:GO and RUST skin trading site with moment cashouts. The site recently ran as RustySell, and changed its name to Skinswap.

SkinSwap Promo Code Review

SkinSwap is a unique and trusted marketplace for selling, buying, and trading CS2 and Rust skins in the fastest way possible. Since it offers a full CS2 and Rust skins package, this site is appreciated by many users as one of the best all-around CS2 and Rust skins marketplaces.

Besides its versatility, this site stands out with a huge collection of every skin you can imagine and decent prices. Currently, you can redeem SkinSwap promo codes and claim additional benefits such as Free Case, reduced commission fees, and various giveaways.

SkinSwap referral codes list:

How to claim SkinSwap Promo Code?

Claiming SkinSwap promo code is a secure and quick process that is done in a few steps described below:

  1. Go to the SkinSwap site and click on the Steam button located in the top right corner of your screen. You will be redirected to Steam where you need to type your Steam credentials to successfully Sign Up.
  2. Afterward, the site will request you to enter your e-mail and Steam trade link which allows you to sell and trade skins from your Steam inventory or buy and transfer them into the inventory. If you can’t find your trade link, click on the underlined tab “Where to find it?” which will redirect you to your Steam trade link. Copy and paste it into the required field to move on to the next step.
  3. Once you are ready to use the site, navigate to the green button called “Free Item” located in the top right corner of your screen.  Click on it and input one of SkinsSwap promo codes like “hellagood” and claim a free case along with other benefits. Keep in mind that you need to make at least a $10 transaction worth of money to be able to claim skin from your free case.

SkinSwap Promo Code Benefit

SkinSwap referral code provides numerous benefits that will enhance your experience at this site and increase the worth of money you get from selling or trading your skins. Here are a certain advantages to consider:

  • A free case: SkinSwap referral code grants you a free case contained with CS2 or Rust skins. Once you open it, you will get a random item that can be worth a ton of money if you are lucky enough.
  • Cost Savings: reduced commission will allow you to save money on each transaction you make, regardless if it’s a sell, trade or buy skins option.
  • Exclusive giveaways: get access to special giveaways and take the opportunity to win valuable rewards

SkinSwap Code Terms and Conditions

Acceptance: everyone can access the SkinSwap site never mind their location, as long as this kind of skin marketplace is not forbidden by their residential country, which is very rare. This means that every user can redeem SkinSwap promo codes without any further aftermath.

Gambling prerequisites: SkinSwap referral code does not require strict conditions other than making at least 10 $ transactions before you can successfully claim your free case and withdraw random skin as well as enjoy other benefits.

Single-time use: remember that SkinSwap promo codes can be activated only once per user so you will get one free case. However, other benefits such as reduced commission fees and special giveaways will still be there for you to take advantage of.

Adherence to the platform’s guidelines: it is important to follow all regulations in terms of service and act accordingly. Otherwise, your account can be suspended which will result in loss of the money you have earned.

Bonus restrictions: there are quite a few bonus restrictions regulated in the terms of service like prohibited use of the same SkinSwap referral code on several accounts from the same person. Also, it is forbidden to use any external software or other kind of fraudulent hacking attempt in order to commit a scam and benefit from fraud.

Date of expiration: SkinSwap promo codes long enough time so users can redeem their benefits throughout the year

Nontransferable: a free case and other earnings are strictly tied to a particular user account so it isn’t possible to send or transfer those to other accounts

Is SkinSwap Promo Code legit?

SkinSwap promo codes present a new kind of bonus meant for newcomers that will fuel their balance right from the beginning of a unique experience provided by this site. For quite some time, SkinSwap has enjoyed a massive reputation and it implements all secure standards necessary to avoid any scams.

There is no doubt that these popular codes are legit which can be confirmed by many users who have claimed benefits of it as well by excellent user reviews of the site on Trustpilot. Keep in mind that SkinSwap promo codes are always free and users should use only the ones from legit sources like the SkinSwap site, their social network profiles, or third-party sites that offer referral codes like “hellagood”.

SkinSwap Information

brand SkinSwap
bonus Giveaways, Free Case, Use Free Promo Codes and Reduce Commission, Best Place to Trade & Sell Skins
Trustpilot Rating 4.5 – Exellent
Promo Code hellagood Sign Up!

skinswap promo code

How to use SKINSWAP bonus code?

Before you begin exchanging on Skinswap, you should look at our promotion code “csgocatalog”, which gives you a 1% reward on all exchanges!

In particular, you can utilize this one on numerous occasions before each exchange you make, which creates it the best arrangement you can presently get Skinswap. And all you need to do to guarantee it is:

  1. Go to
  2. In the field right over the “trade” button type “csgocatalog”
  3. Click on this bolt:

How Does SkinSwap Work?

If you are looking for a reliable platform for the sale, purchase, or exchange of skins, check out the information presented on our portal. We also offer a current SkinSwap code.

Is Skinswap Legit or a Scam?

Skinswap is a genuine site that allows you to exchange CS:GO and Rust skins for moment cash. In the event that you check a survey collecting site like Trustpilot, you will for the most part track down certain remarks about the site. Likewise, numerous internet based digital money club players pose themselves this inquiry: is Skinswap safe? The stage defends the cash of its clients as well as their security. They even have an unconditional promise program.

skinswap legit

SkinSwap: Sell, Buy and Trade RUST & CS:GO Skins

The market for purchasing, selling, and exchanging RUST skins has filled significantly in the beyond couple of years with the proceeded with advancement and notoriety of the web-based endurance game RUST. As an ever increasing number of commercial centers enter the space, it can become testing to conclude which commercial center is the best spot for you to purchase, sell and exchange your RUST skins. In the event that you’re in the market to sell your RUST skins, you need a fair market cost, yet you need to track down the most ideal cost.

We as of late covered the subject of the best places to sell your RUST skins for genuine money with the plan to give imminent dealers a bunch of protected and respectable choices for selling their RUST skin inventories. One of these choices that stands apart is SkinSwap.

Previously referred to as Rustysell and rebranded as SkinSwap, the site was updated to give clients a simple and quick method for purchasing, exchanging, and selling skins for cash or crypto payouts. Among the commonplace elements of a skin commercial center, SkinSwap stands apart from the rest with its staggeringly serious costs, which permit you, as a merchant, to get the most incentive for your exchanges.

Why pick SkinSwap for selling or trade your RUST or CS:GO skins?

The prospect of selling or exchanging your skins on an outsider site causes worry for some dealers, and as it should be. Tricksters are common across the web, and skins are significant targets. It’s enthusiastically prescribed to require the investment to research any commercial center you consider working with to look at any possibly fake exercises.

With a 4.5 Trustpilot rating, generally, SkinSwap’s clients have been exceptionally satisfied with their administration and backing at the hour of this composition. Numerous clients have shared anecdotes about how rapidly client service assisted them settle issues with installments, commending them for their brief reaction times and goals. Among these, you’ll find our communications and encounters as we have scrutinized the site.

Purchase RUST skins at serious costs

Today, there are more choices than any other time in recent memory for RUST players hoping to purchase RUST skins. SkinSwap gives players a remarkable, secure, and well disposed experience that can assist them with procuring the significant skins they look for at profoundly serious costs. For explicit “costly” RUST skins, this could mean many dollars in reserve funds in a solitary exchange or even thousands over long stretches of time of purchasing.

Getting a record set up on SkinSwap is genuinely a straightforward and effortless interaction. Confirm and associate your Steam record to begin in a moment or two. Whenever you’re set up and have associated your record, you can go through SkinSwap’s Top component to add to your site balance, which you can then use to buy RUST and CS:GO skins while in “Trading” mode.

The Top-Up include upholds Stripe’s immediate card installment, which will get an extra 30% reward when utilized. It likewise upholds cryptographic money choices, where clients can utilize Litecoin and Bitcoin installment techniques, every one of which will get a 35% reward.

When you’ve “beat up” and added a positive equilibrium to your SkinSwap account, basically peruse SkinSwap’s library of accessible skins utilizing their inquiry and separating devices. Whenever you’ve found a skin you like, click on it to add it to the rundown of receivables. At the point when you’re prepared to make your buy, click on “Exchange” to start the cycle and adhere to the onscreen directions.

Another method for adding to your SkinSwap balance is by selling your RUST and CS:GO skins from your stock, which can then be utilized to purchase accessible skins.

skinswap review

Affiliate System of SkinSwap

The SkinSwap website has an affiliate program. By participating in it, you’ll get rewards for inviting new users. It doesn’t really matter if they are total strangers or your friends. The main thing is that they should use the referral link when they come to the site and register afterward. In this case, the newcomers will be assigned to your account. For convenience, you can see the number of invited users and the amounts of their transactions in your personal account.

If you want to generate the SkinSwap referral code, complete a few steps:

  • Log in to your profile and open the Affiliates tab;
  • Enter any letters and numbers in the “Your Affiliate Code” box, and then click “Set Code”;
  • A link will appear below the segment, and newcomers will click on it.

You earn 1% of the transactions made by the invited users. All information is clearly displayed in the personal profile, which indicates the honesty and safety of cooperation with the service.

As for the link posting, you can leave it on your website or personal blog. Another option is to forward it to your friends via messengers.

If the user has registered on his own but wants to become your referral, he can enter the code in his account. For this purpose, there is a special box at the top of the site next to the balance icon.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods of SkinSwap

When you visit SkinSwap, you will be able to buy, sell, or exchange CS:GO and Rust skins. You need to fund your account to make financial transactions. Follow these steps to do so:

  • sign in to your account;
  • click on the icon with the balance display;
  • choose a payment system, specify an acceptable amount;
  • enter details of where the funds will be deducted from when you make a deposit or where they will be credited when you apply for withdrawal.

The website offers the most popular payment methods, including:

  • cryptocurrency wallets with Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum;
  • credit/debit cards or Cashapp e;
  • gift cards (via PayPal, Visa/Mastercard).

If you choose the first two payment systems, you additionally receive 40% of the recharge amount. Minimum and maximum payment limits are displayed when you click on a particular service. They must be taken into account, otherwise, the transaction will not be processed.

Client assistance and Contacts

Skinswap has phenomenal client service. The site has a live visit include. You can disregard the chatbot and request a person to converse with for help. We attempted this element, and it functioned admirably. The client care colleague gave us exact and point by point replies. Here is a screen capture of our discussion with the organization’s client care leader.

Last contemplations on SkinSwap

SkinSwap is a somewhat new player in the skin commercial center scene however brings a ton to the table for its clients, particularly with respect to serious estimating. While their skin stock isn’t the biggest accessible, it’s continually refreshing and persistently developing. There’s a reliably wide determination of skins accessible. SkinSwap is an incredible choice for individuals looking to immediately cash out their skins for genuine money and get as much as possible offers. Moment payouts and fast exchange exchanges are of the quintessence.

SkinSwap Promo Code Conclusion

With everything taken into consideration, SkinSwap promo codes are the top part of the bonus scheme this site has to offer. Not only that SkinSwap stand out with unique options in both the CS2 and Rust skin marketplace, but it also excels in a free welcome package.

It is no surprise that SkinSwap with their referral code stormed the skins market. Try now this all-around skins marketplace and take advantage of SkinSwap promo codes like “Hella”  to accumulate even more money or CS2 and Rust skins.


Is SkinSwap the best site to trade skins?

Yes, SkinSwap is considered the best platform because it relies on safe and fast payment processing, a large number of skins, and fair transactions.

Is SkinSwap legit?

Yes, this platform is legit. Its activities are not associated with complaints and fraud cases. Promo codes are available for users, there is a support service.

Can I trade on SkinSwap from the USA?

Users from the U.S. are recommended to use VPN services for trade transactions.

Can I sell my Rust skins on SkinSwap for real money?

Yes, you can sell available skins and get paid out with real money.


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