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What is CSGORoll Gift Card?

CSGORoll Gift Card is a prepaid voucher. It can be used on the platform to purchase items (skins) or bet in games of chance. The voucher is provided as a digital code. It is entered in the user’s profile. After that, coins corresponding to the denomination of the gift card will be credited to your balance.

The advantage is that you can use the voucher for yourself or give it as a gift to a friend. However, it will only be redeemed once, after which it will be canceled. You can activate the prepaid card some time after the purchase, not right away. For example, when you decide to register and use the CSGORoll functionality.

How to Use CSGORoll Gift Card

Before you can use a gift card, you must purchase one. The basic steps are as follows:

  • go to one of the websites selling CSGORoll Gift Cards;
  • choose an acceptable denomination (e.g. 1, 10, 25, 250 coins);
  • click on the purchase button and get a special code.

After completing the above actions, you need to activate the prepaid card using the following procedure:

  • go to the CSGORoll site and log in to your account;
  • press the Deposit button and select Gift Card among the available methods:
  • enter the code received during the purchase and confirm your actions.

Funds will be credited to your account instantly. Then you can proceed to gambling or purchasing awesome skins for CS:GO.

Where to Buy CSGORoll Gift Card

If you want to buy a CSGORoll Gift Card, go to the appropriate websites. As a rule, they are fully dedicated to selling vouchers. Keep in mind that the cost may vary, as it depends on the pricing policy of a particular platform and the availability of promotional offers.

The most popular resources for buying prepaid cards are Kinguin, G2A, and Giftcapro. Here is a comparative table with the cost of vouchers.

Voucher value in coins Kinguin G2A Giftcapro
1 €1.14 $2.83 £1.03
5 €5.10 £4.62
10 €10.11 $14.91 £9.18
20 €20.06 £18.20
25 €24.90 $35.38 £22.60
50 €49.76 £45.16
100 €100.25 £90.98
250 €248.20 £225.24

When you visit the marketplaces, you can choose a voucher of any value that suits your needs. Its purchase does not take much time. All you need to do is add the item to the shopping cart and make the payment.

What Are the Prices for CSGORoll Gift Cards?

The cost of gift cards is provided above. Our website only covers offers from Kinguin and G2A. In fact, there are quite a few similar gift card platforms. However, they cannot boast of such a large number of offers or charge unreasonably high prices. For example, a voucher for 5 in-game coins at costs €8.40 (while Kinguin offers it for €5.10 only).

It is also possible to reduce the price at the time of promotional deals. But this requires regular monitoring of all changes and innovations on the platforms. Even a 10% discount is a nice gift when you buy a voucher.


Is it legit to use a CSGORoll Gift Card?

Yes, it is legal to use prepaid cards. This recharge method does not contradict established norms and is not fraudulent. It is convenient because you can use the Gift Card yourself or give it to a friend. There is no need to immediately activate the voucher.

What site has the best price for a CSGORoll Gift Card?

The best prices for CSGORoll Gift Cards are found on Kinguin. Purchases on other platforms are profitable at the time of promotional offers.

Can I get a CSGORoll Gift Card for free?

Yes, you can get a Gift Card for free but you need to find the appropriate promotion on the relevant platforms for that. Keep in mind that the value will be minimal.

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