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  • A broad range of cases, including free and advanced ones
  • Multiple deposit and withdrawal methods through Ethereum, Tyron, USDT, and Bitcoin allow the user to choose their preferred payment method
  • Highly responsive and user-friendly web design that allows users to navigate smoothly on the website
  • Regular release of promo codes, bonuses, and promotional offers
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  • Withdrawals from the platform might take a bit longer than anticipated
  • No live chat support feature is available on the platform
  • Average ranking and reviews on some analysis platforms

Bloodycase Promo Code + Full Review in 2024

Bloodycase is one of the most famous and renowned case-opening sites specific for CS: GO. It serves a variety of interactive games and has proven to be a reliable site for CS2 case openings with exclusive weapon cases and no compromise on originality. Users can deposit and withdraw their funds, all the while opening exclusive cases and winning prizes. Moreover, the site offers various Bloodycase promo codes that users can utilize for bonuses and discounts. These promo codes can enhance the experience and incentivize users to increase platform engagement.

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from $0.30 and up to $0.70 for free

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bloodycase promo code

How To Use Bloodycase Promo Code?

If you’re new to the platform and are looking to get started with the Boody CS2 case promo code, follow these simple steps to claim your first promo code.

  1. Create an account on if you don't already have one. After that, log yourself into the platform.

  2. Look for the “Promo Code” section on the user dashboard after you’ve logged in to your account.

  3. Enter your promo code “CSGOBETTINGS70” into the designated field.

  4. After entering the code, click on the “Redeem” button to activate the promo code and redeem the $0.7 balance, 38% additional value on the first deposit, and five free cases.

After going through these steps, your rewards will be transferred to your accounts. However, make sure that the promo codes you apply are valid and not expired. Feel free to reach out to customer assistance if you encounter any issues while redeeming your prizes.

How Does Bloodycase Promo Code Work?

Just like other case-opening sites, Bloodycase also provides users with promo codes to give them a chance to win bonuses, discounts, and free exclusive cases on the platform. Users can find these promotional codes on social media platforms as well as on the website itself. Using these promo codes during the sign-up process or in the promo codes section on the website unlocks exclusive features for the users with various rewards.

What Do BloodyCase Promo Codes Give?

The rewards acquired from the Bloodycase promo codes vary on the promo code itself. Most promo codes unlock free cases, add funds to your value, or provide more value to your funds.

Moreover, Bloodycase promo codes are also famous for rewarding high discounts to its customers. Some promo codes even allow you to get your hands on a free CS2 case. So, it's safe to say that through Bloodycase promo codes, you can win a variety of items and enhance your gaming experience.

Is Bloodycase Legit?

The legitimacy of a platform is one of the most critical factors when choosing a platform to ensure the security of your assets. So if you’re asking yourself, “Is Bloodycase legit?” you don't have to worry. Bloodycase has been rated as one of the most enjoyable and safe sites for CS:GO lovers by Trustpilot, with an overall trust score of 76%. Moreover, Bloodycase has over a million registered users and gets about 3500 pageviews daily, which proves that the site is safe, loved, and supported by a large number of users.
Moreover, Bloodycase is a registered authority with proper licensing and state-of-the-art security standard that ensures that users’ assets are protected and secured on the platform. These aspects are the basis for the plethora of positive reviews present online in favor of the website. So, we can conclude that Bloodycase is a completely legitimate website that is enjoyed and loved by the gaming community.

bloodycase legit

Mian Promotions and Bonuses on Bloodycase

Bloodycase offers a plethora of promotions and bonuses to both new and already registered users to keep their heads in the game and ensure that they are enjoying every moment on the platform. Some of the main features offered by the platform are as follows:

Welcome Bonus

New users who get themselves registered with the platform for the first time receive a collection of goodies as a signup or welcome bonus to help them get started on their journey in the platform. For example, if new players use the promo code “CSGOBETTINGS70”, they can get their hands on $0.7 balance, 38% additional value on the first deposit, and five free cases.

Referral bonus

Similarly, Bloody Case also offers referral bonuses, where you can invite users to the platform, and if they sign up using your referral code or link, you can receive several bonuses such as balance credit, deposit bonuses, and free cases. The more the invited user interacts with the platform, the more rewards you earn.

Free Giveaways

Bloodycase is really serious about incentivizing players on the platform, and for this reason, the site holds daily, weekly, and monthly giveaways regularly to give each attending person a chance to win free exclusive skins, leaderboard prizes, and case battle rewards.

Promo Codes

Lastly, promo codes are one of the main bonuses given by the platform that gives the user a chance for a limited period of time to get exclusive bonuses, rewards, and cases by using their promo codes. So, make sure you keep an eye on the social media platforms of Bloodycase to check on any new Bloodycase promo codes.

Affiliate system of offers a superb affiliate system that allows users to earn cash by promoting the platform. The following are the main features of Bloodycase’s affiliate system:

  • Promotion freedom: Affiliates are allowed to promote their referral codes on their own websites, YouTube channels, blogs, etc. This increases the reach of the affiliate as well as the platform as new users join using the referral codes.

  • Instant Crediting: The money earned by affiliates through the platform referrals is credited instantly after the first refill of the user who used their promo code. However, it's important to note that the bonus is not credited if the user makes a deposit using a wallet code.

  • Extra Bonus: Other than the referral bonuses, affiliates can also get a chance to earn extra bonus for prompting the site. This bonus is commission-based, with the potential to earn 1% to 6% commission on their referral deposits based on the affiliate levels.

  • Referral Codes: Affiliates who have partnered up with Bloodycase also get an option to make their own unique referral codes that align with their community and their preference. This sense of personalization gives the affiliate a higher level of chance to attract more users on the platform and, in turn, get more bonuses such as balance credit, deposit bonuses, and free cases for successful referrals.

  • Benefits for new users: On the other hand, the new users who join through a referral code can also receive bonuses such as $0.30 and up to 5 free cases. This gives them a chance to get started on a high not on the platform and enjoy their experience with Bloodycase.

How to get Free Cases on Bloodycase

Bloodycase gives away free cases regularly, which gives users a chance to get exclusive prizes. The cases contain a plethora of valuable in-game items for CS:GO enthusiasts. The site gives out five kinds of free cases, where each colored case gives out different kinds of exclusive prizes for the user, including valuable in-game skins and items.

  1. Funny Red Case

  2. Funny Purple Case

  3. Funny Yellow Case

  4. Funny Green Case

  5. Funny Blue Case

To get free cases, sign up on the platform to get a chance to open five free cases as a registration bonus on the platform.

bloodycase review

Bloodycase Games Review

Bloodycase offers a wide variety of in-house games for gaming enthusiasts to enjoy while staying safe on the platform. There are three main modes on the platform for the users:

  • Case opening mode: The Case Opening mode relies on the element of surprise, as the players open various cases in the mode. Each case holds various probabilities to give out rewards as in-game items.

  • Battle upgrade mode: The Battle upgrade mode builds upon the case opening mode and allows the user to upgrade their existing arsenal using the loot earned in the case opening mode.

  • Contract game mode: The Contract Game mode enhances the strategic dimension of the game, where players enter an agreement to exchange their in-game items, followed by critical brainstorming and negotiation skills.

These three game modes add versatility and diversity to the platform, attracting players and allowing them to play games based on their preferences.

Bloodycase Tournament offers a tournament feature that allows users to participate in case battles and win free skins. The platform provides a variety of game modes, ensuring variety and excitement for users. The tournament feature is designed to encourage user engagement and enhance the overall experience on the platform. Users can participate in case battles and compete with other players to win free skins. The platform also offers leaderboard prizes and free CSGO skin giveaways, providing additional incentives for users to engage with the tournament feature.

Bloodycase Giveaways

Giveaways vary by their unique characteristics and prize values on the Bloodycase platform. There are five giveaways named in different colors. Let's go through them one by one.

  • Green Giveaway: This is a 24-hour event where participants get a chance to win exclusive prizes such as Grizzly, Gale, and the Glock Air Gun. The required deposit to join the giveaways ranges from $0.35 to $3.65.

  • Gold Giveaway: This is one of the elite giveaways that happen on the platform, and it gives users high chances to win rewards such as M4A4 Phantom, USP-S, and Shnurov. The joining fees are usually on the higher side for these giveaways. However, the chances of getting elite rewards are also high.

  • Neon Giveaway: This is a weekly event with average prizes such as Killer, AWP, USSR, and AK. Participants can simply join the giveaways any day of the event by depositing the required value and winning prizes.

  • Purple Giveaway: This is a monthly event that includes prizes such as Dolphin, AUG Gladiator, and USP. The giveaways usually last for a limited time period, and you can only join if you meet the criteria mentioned on the platform.

  • Red Giveaway: This is another monthly event and includes the chances of winning Hyper Telepathy, M4A1 Sharp, and Navaja Knife. Just like other giveaways, participants can join easily by depositing the required value and earning a chance to win these exclusive prizes.

What Is Bloodycase NFT? has integrated NFT (Non-Fungible Token) technology into its platform, allowing players to truly own their in-game assets. The NFT card collection on is a card game with prizes in real-time, where each card has features that allow players to win game skins and apply them in games such as CS2.

The Bloodycase NFT cards vary on the basis of rarity and are divided into five classes, each denoted by a specific, which are as follows:

  • Green (Common)

  • Blue (Uncommon)

  • Violet (Rare)

  • Pink (Super rare)

  • Gold (Epic)

  • Rose Gold (Legendary)

The NFT cards listed above can be obtained from the NFT section on the platform itself. Moreover, they can be purchased on specialized online marketplaces such as

Case Openings on Bloodycase

Just like any other case opening site, Bloodycase also has a variety of cases for users. Each case type contains skins of a specific type, so let's discuss them in detail to find out all about them.

  • Funny Cases: These cases are filled with skins with humorous designs and are available in all five types of rarity, from common to all the way to legendary.

  • Strength Cases: These cases give out skins with military designs and themes. They are also available in all rarity classes, from common to Legendary.

  • Random Weapon: As the name suggests, these cases contain skins for random weapons and are available in different levels of rarity.

  • Stickers Cases: These cases contain stickers for weapons and are available in different levels of rarity.

  • Easy Cases: These cases contain skins with a simple design and are available in different levels of rarity. These cases are pretty common and are easy to get.

  • CS:GO Cases: These cases contain skins for CSGO weapons and are available in different levels of rarity, including Common (green), Uncommon (blue), Rare (violet), Super rare (pink), Epic (gold), and Legendary (rose gold).

  • Event Cases: These cases are available during specific events and contain skins with a unique design. The availability of these cases may be subject to change depending on the latest event taking place on the platform.

Bloodycase Leaderboard

The platform also features a Case Battles leaderboard, where players can engage in case battles, compete with other players, and have the chance to win free skins. The leaderboard showcases the top performers in case of battles, providing an opportunity for players to demonstrate their skills and potentially earn rewards based on their performance by climbing up to the top of the leaderboards.

Deposit & Withdrawal Methods

BLoodycase is an advanced platform and features a plethora of safe payment options to enhance the usability of games. Let’s shed some light on the different deposit and withdrawal options available on the platform.

Deposit Methods

  • Users can deposit funds into their Bloodycase account using traditional banking methods like credit/debit cards by simply putting in their card information and making the transaction.

  • User can also connect their e-wallet (e.g. PayPal) to their Bloodycase account and deposit the amount from their e-wallet.

  • Being an advanced platform, Bloodycase also allows deposits using NFTs or cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, and USD, providing users with alternative payment options.

Withdrawal Methods

  • The platform allows users to withdraw won skins, providing an alternative form of withdrawal for in-game items.

  • Users can withdraw their earnings directly into their bank through the Bloodycase account.

  • Users can also withdraw their earnings as cryptocurrencies into their selected e-wallet.

Customer Support

Bloodycase doesn’t feature live chat support on the platform. However, they provide customer service through direct contact with customer support using email. The support staff frequently helps out users and solves their queries regarding any problem they are facing on the platform. Moreover, they also have an in-house FAQ section that answers most of the queries faced by the users.


In conclusion, is a premier website for CS2 case openings, offering a wide range of cases for players to choose from, with the possibility of winning rare skins and other valuable items. The platform provides a holistic gaming experience with a broad price range of crates, frequent deals, and free boxes to its users. Moreover, the website is accessible in ten languages, transcending borders and bringing together a diverse community of gaming enthusiasts.


Can I get a free CS2 case on Bloodycase?

Yes, you can get free CS2 cases on The platform offers a variety of free cases, including Funny [YELLOW], Funny [RED], Funny [PURPLE], Funny [BLUE], and Funny [GREEN] cases, which users can open to obtain skins and other in-game items.

Is Bloodycase Legit?

Yes, Bloodycase is a completely legit platform that houses millions of users worldwide in a safe and secure manner. However, it still has an average Trust score of 76%, but the plethora of positive reviews online support the fact that Bloodycase is legit.