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  • fast and safe way to deposit skins
  • several exciting games
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  • sign-up bonus, raffles, and rewards
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  • Confusing interface
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Everything About Rustbet Promo Code and Website

If you are a devoted RUST fan and you are not interested in other video games, then you should definitely visit Rustbet focused exclusively on this gaming community. This is one of the few sites online that specializes in a single game. Therefore, nothing will distract you and will help you focus on earning new skins to replace unnecessary ones.

Rustbet offers a number of interesting gambling games and Jackpot draws that will help you become the owner of a cool skin if luck is on your side. And if you use our Rustbet code, you'll greatly increase your odds by getting a free case for the combination. So, it's time to get started because others are already earning!

RustBet Free Bonus Codes List:

How to Use Rustbet Promo Code?

Rustbet codes help gamers increase their bankroll by randomly opening a free case. It is very easy to activate them:

  1. Log in to your Steam account on the Rustbet website.

  2. Make the necessary trading settings.

  3. Select Free Case in the top line of the home page.

  4. Enter the combination of the promo code.

That's it, the case is in your pocket and you can open it right away without having to guess about the prize.

rustbet review

Is Rustbet Legit?

The site was launched in 2020, but it has already proven its legitimacy and fairness. Regular visitors who have long been convinced of the transparency of the randomizer, play here. SSL encryption indicates that the developers care about the safety of all personal data. 

Main Promotions & Bonuses

As for bonus offers, there are plenty of them. The site rewards newcomers for registering. Use our promo code and get a free case as a gift at once. However, that's not all:

  • hourly giveaway - bet $1 and participate in the drawing on an hourly basis;

  • daily draw - a winner is chosen randomly every day;

  • weekly draw - it operates under the same scheme, only the winner is determined once a week.

The most active ones take the prizes, so don't waste time and become the owner of the wins!

Casino Games Review

The list of games is not too long, but each game is worth the price of admission. Let's name them:

  • Jackpot - compete for the grand prize because winning depends only on how many tickets you buy;

  • Coinflip - A classic game with 50/50 odds. Why not play? The blue or red side of the coin - pick one;

  • Upgrade - a familiar gamble to many gamers. Perhaps this is where you'll get the skin of your dreams by putting unnecessary skins on the line.

At the moment this is the end of the list of games on the portal but we will wait for updates and maybe something else will be added.

Deposit & Withdrawal Methods

Everything is much easier on Rustbet than on any other site. You don't have to worry about the right way to deposit and withdraw. The developer offers only one way for both deposit and cashout - RUST skins and nothing more. There are no conversions, currency issues, and other activities. Deposit skins and get the best options.

Customer Support

The support service is available only through Discord. It is a familiar and the most convenient way of communication for experienced and novice gamers. Log in to your profile or create one directly from the site to get support or chat with fellow gamers. Some questions can be found in the FAQ section.


Rustbet can safely be called a unique site that brings together fans of the same game. When it comes to gambling with skins, you can test your luck, and at the initial stage, you will be helped by the welcome bonus, which you can get by activating a promo code by clicking on our referral link.


What is a is a RUST skins betting site with gambling, bonuses, and raffles.

How do to sell skins for real money on Rustbet?

The site doesn't provide for cashing out skins, you can withdraw them into your Steam inventory.

Is legit?

Rustbet has proven its honesty and openness to many players. Hundreds and thousands of gamers come together here to play with RUST skins.