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  • a large number of cases
  • variability of calculation methods
  • simplicity and speed of registration
  • an elaborate system of bonuses
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  • there are no games
  • the interface is translated into three languages only (English, Chinese, and Portuguese)

R1-Skins Promo Code

Site R1 Skins is a modern solution for CS:GO fans. It can be used to get the original items, which will help to change the appearance of weapons and equipment in the game. In each round, you will become that extraordinary fighter who attracts the attention of your teammates and opponents.

R1-skins Referral Codes:

The R1 Skins portal was created in 2021 and it is operated and owned by WiseAvant OÜ. Once you register on the platform, you can open cases and improve items. For more excitement, use the r1-skins code, which provides bonuses when you activate it. You can get it on our portal right now.

R1-skins review

How to Use R1-skins Promo Code?

  1. Register on the website through the Steam account.

  2. Log into your personal profile and click on the "+" button to top up your balance

  3. Choose a payment system and specify an appropriate amount.

  4. Enter a promo code “hella” in the relevant box.

Is R1-skins Legit?

Many users wonder, "Is R1-skins legit?" The answer is definite and confident yes. This is due to the fact that the platform is owned by an officially registered company (permitting document No.14777399 was obtained in Estonia). The legal norms and regulations are observed here, and the fairness and safety of the processes are ensured.

When opening cases, you can be sure that all skins drop out randomly. Keep in mind that each collection item has a certain percentage of appearances. Cheaper skins drop out more often, and more expensive skins drop out less often.

r1 skins legit

Main Promotions & Bonuses

The portal offers bonuses for registered players. They will help you more quickly acquire the cases you want and get unique skins. The Daily Free promotion is available for visitors. Its essence is that you can replenish your balance and get daily rewards. There are three levels of cases in total:

  • The first-tier rewards are available as soon as you sign up;

  • Deposit $30 to receive tier-two rewards (five items each);

  • Deposit $230 to increase your case to the third tier (10 items each).

Rewards include random skins, keys, deposit bonuses, and a certain amount of money. What exactly you get depends solely on luck.

In addition, you can get rewards under the Free Balance promotion. This requires you to perform certain actions:

  • add your email address ($0.25);

  • specify your Twitter ($0.25);

  • report about R1-skins on social networking pages ($0.4).

You will get a nice present after spending a minimum of time. In the future, it can be used to open cases of interest.

Case Opening on R1-skins

The portal offers a huge number of cases. The cost depends solely on the inner contents. A huge advantage is that there is always a chance to get an item that costs thousands of times more than the cost.

You can choose from classic, high-end, and other cases. The most popular options include:

  • Spray;

  • Global;

  • Gloves.

The cost of the Spray is $0.25. There are 18 items inside. The cheapest one is Safari Mesh for AWP for $0.21. The most expensive is Asiimov for the M4A4 for $170.73.

You will have to pay $999.99 for Global. Inside there are 34 skins for pistols, rifles, submachine guns, knives, and gloves available. The cheapest item is the Hand Cannon for the Desert Eagle ($476.97). The most expensive skin is Dragon Lore for the AWP at $14,442.82.

The cost of the Gloves is $119.99. There are 66 items in the case. The cheapest skin is Hydra Gloves Mandrove for $59.85. The most expensive and most coveted item is the Sport Gloves Pandora's Box for $17,379.02.

Upgrade Skins on R1-skins

This online platform proposes to upgrade your existing skins. Should you decide to do that, proceed to performing the following actions:

  • sign in to your account;

  • open the Upgrade tab;

  • select the necessary skins (up to six pieces);

  • if necessary, add money and keys;

  • click on the Upgrade button.

The process is quite simple and will take you no more than a minute. You'll end up with an improved skin that you can show off to your friends.

Cashback Store of R1-skins

The portal provides cashback in keys (a special currency of the store). You can get it when you open another case or in the course of an unsuccessful upgrade. The system is designed so that the expensive cases contain more keys compared to the cheap variants. This will enable you to accumulate in-game currency faster. In addition, more keys will bring complex and costly upgrade bugs.

The cashback store offers items that you can buy with in-game currency. We are referring to skins and balance cards. For example, the cheapest item is Flashback for M4A1-S for 117 keys, and the most expensive one is Case Hardened for Skeleton Knife for 98,284 keys. If you decide to purchase balance cards, you'll have to give up 100 keys for $1, and 10,000 keys for $100.

Affiliate System of R1-skins

The portal has an affiliate program. Its idea is that you invite new users and get money for it. The main actions are as follows:

  • log in to your profile and click on your avatar;

  • click on Partner in the menu that appears;

  • copy the code or the link, pass it on to your friends, or put it on your website/blog;

  • get up to 10% for each invited user's deposit.

The amount of remuneration depends directly on the activity of referrals and your level in the affiliate program. There are three levels in total:

  • up to $5,000 - 5%;

  • $5,001 to $25,000 - 7%;

  • $25,001 to $25,000 - 10%.

Withdrawal of remuneration is possible with skins, cryptocurrency, or balance cards.

Rewards System of R1-skins

There is no additional reward system on R1-skins. Users can take advantage of the following:

  • Daily Free;

  • Free Balance;

  • affiliate program.

You can also use promo codes obtained from partner sites. They represent certain combinations of symbols. When they are entered, the rewards are provided. Do not miss the opportunity to get prizes to open the cases you are interested in faster.

Deposit & Withdrawal Methods

Everything on the site is thought out for the comfort of users. That is why several methods are offered for deposit and withdrawal of winnings. If you need to make a deposit, follow these steps:

  • log in to your profile;

  • click the Top-Up button at the upper part of the page;

  • indicate your country and choose one of the payment systems;

  • enter an acceptable amount, taking into account the displayed limits;

  • insert a promo code, if necessary;

  • fill in the payment details and confirm your actions.

You can use gift or bank cards, electronic services like Skrill, cryptocurrency, and skins. If you are interested in withdrawal, you are offered only one method - CS:GO items.

Customer Support

The platform's customer support service is available 24 hours a day. You can ask for help 24/7 via online chat. Ask questions regarding registration and authorization, crediting free bonuses, or depositing your account. The consultants will promptly provide answers, and you can return to purchasing and opening cases.

The most frequent visitors' questions and answers are posted for your convenience. They are not placed in a separate block but rather in each section. For example, you can see the questions about the program for inviting new users by opening the Partner tab.

Conclusion is a stylish and modern platform for opening CS:GO cases. The site is intuitive, it takes a fraction of a second to navigate. This adds comfort to users and eliminates the time spent on searching for the necessary information.

The great thing is that the portal has developed daily rewards and an affiliate program. Also, you can use promo codes at any time to get the presents. All actions are safe and secure, and the platform operates within the law.

If you have any questions regarding the use of the functionality of the site, please contact the support consultants. They are ready to provide detailed answers, staying in touch 24/7. Online chat is available for inquiries.


What is

This is a site for buying and opening cases, and upgrading skins. It is designed for fans of such a popular shooter as CS:GO.

How can I upgrade my skins on

It requires you to:

  • register on the site using your Steam account;

  • enter your personal profile and open the Upgrade tab;

  • add up to six skins (you can also enter money or keys) and complete the process.

Is legit?

Yes, the platform operates legally. It belongs to WiseAvant OÜ, a company registered in Estonia.