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AK-47 | The Empress (Field-Tested) Giveaway
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Top 10 best CSGORoll cases to Open in 2024

What is CSGORoll Case?

CSGORoll cases are special boxes that contain a set of random items. They are used to change the appearance of weapons. Each case may contain rare items of high value. Users can take advantage of them while playing in-house games or sell them. It is up to the user what to do with the drop.

The case content depends on the collection to which it is linked. The range of items that can be found when unpacking is vast, and you can always become the owner of unique items.

How to Open CSGORoll Case?

If you want the best CS:GO case to open for profit, proceed to the Unboxing section. Here you can see all the offers available on the website. Your task is to choose your favorite option and buy a key for a certain amount of in-game coins. The cost always depends on the freshness of the offer and its content.

In addition, the site provides free cases. These can be obtained by using the bonus code when registering. The platform also provides one case every 24 hours. However, this option is available only for players who are at least at the second level.

Top 10 Best CSGORoll Cases in 2023

Of all the cases offered on CSGORoll, there are TOP-10 options. Some of them attract attention by the rarity of skins, others by the availability of cool items for specific weapons. See which cases are in demand and make your choice.


This is a hot offer for those who want to protect their hands. You will always be on the alert with these items. The cost of the case is 1.07 coins. An overview of the contents is given in the table.

Item Price in coins
NIGHT OPS for PP-Bizon 0.12
Moto Gloves BOOM! 195
Specialist Gloves FADE 216
Specialist Gloves EMERALD WEB 1,065


Do you use a variety of weapons and want them to spark the envy of your friends and opponents? Then open the case for 212.32 coins. See the table for what’s inside.

Skin Price in coins
SAND DUNE for Nova/P250 0.02
SAND DUNE for Nova/P250 0.03
DRAGON LORE for AWP 19,300


Become a tough shooter in the next game by attracting attention with interesting skins for your sniper rifle. Deposit just 7.88 coins to get the skins listed below.

Item Price in coins
SUN IN LEO 18.20


Stylish and modern weapons should not fade in the heat of battle. Open the case for 359.50 to get the perfect skins. See the table for the contents.

Item Price in coins
SAND DUNE for PP-Bizon/MP9 0.01
BOREAL FOREST for P250 0.02
Paracord Knife CRIMSON WEB 436
Talon Knife DAMASCUS STEEL 775
Karambit LORE 1,405
Gut Knife RUBY 1,490
Hand Wraps CAUTION! 2,465
Skeleton Knife FADE 3,145
X-RAY for AK-47 3,485
Karambit GAMMA DOPPLER PHASE 2 3,565


Set up a royal battle and show your enemies who’s boss. To do so, spend 37.32 coins on a case. See what’s included below.

Item Price in coins
ROYAL LEGION for Glock-18 6.71
THE EMPEROR for M4A4 16/18.20
龍王 (DRAGON KING) for M4A4 18.30
THE EMPRESS for AK-47 33.40/35.90
ROYAL BLUE for USP-S 77.80
KNIGHT for M4A1-S 4,235
THE PRINCE for AWP 4,275


Have a furious race for frags together with unique items. For this, purchase the case for 307.40 coins. The content is detailed below.

Item Price in coins
RUST COAT for PP-Bizon 22.35
ROAD RASH for USP-S 60.90
Navaja Knife RUST COAT 137
Falchion Knife RUST COAT 175
Specialist Gloves FOUNDATION 347
Specialist Gloves FIELD AGENT 401
Driver Gloves SNOW LEOPARD 817/1,985
Driver Gloves BLACK TIE 1,020
Specialist Gloves EMERALD WEB 1,065
Moto Gloves POLYGON 1,725
Sport Gloves VICE 1,870
Moto Gloves FINISH LINE 2,160
Driver Gloves IMPERIAL PLAID 2,675


Dream of majesty and glory, then go for your victory. For that, purchase a case for 12.28 coins with the skins mentioned below.

Item Price in coins
COLD FUSION for Galil AR 0.43
PALM for MAC-10 0.49
CONTRACTOR for Five-SeveN 1.09
BONE MASK for P250 1.13
POSEIDON for M4A4 2,230
Sport Gloves VICE 2,380
FIRE SERPENT for StatTrak™ AK-47 2,825
THE PRINCE for AWP 4,910
GUNGNIR for AWP 10,750
WILD LOTUS for AK-47 14,400


Strike enemies to the heart with your icy hands. Purchase a case for 0.94 coins. You will receive one of the skins listed below.

Item Price in coins
COLD FUSION for Galil AR 0.11
ICE CAP for Tec-9 0.13/0.14
STONE COLD for Galil AR 1.22
WATER SIGIL for PP-Bizon 1.45
HARD WATER for MAG-7 4.17
Special Gloves BUCKSHOT 99.20
Driver Gloves CRIMSON WEAVE 262


The hunt has begun, and you must not stop. Open the case for 1.45 coins and set out to find the enemy. You will receive one of the Items from the table.

Item Price in coins
BLACK SAND for MP9 0.13
SANDSTORM for Tec-9 1.52
RED STONE for SSG 08 2.56
SAND DUNE for Glock-18 11.70
GRAPHITE for Nova 14.70
RUBY for StatTrak™ M9 Bayonet 16,275
EMERALD for StatTrak™ M9 Bayonet 19,375
Butterfly Knife SAPPHIRE 28,475


Have a wild race and be the winner on the next map. Open the case for 2.63 coins and you’ll be lucky.

Item Price in coins
VARICAMO for Galil AR 0.14
MOONRISE for StatTrak™ Glock-18 2.37
ANGRY MOB for Five-SeveN 5.08
SPLASH JAM for SCAR-20 9.98
SUN IN LEO for AWP 18.20
CRIMSON KIMONO for P250 31.20

How to Choose Which CSGORoll Case to Open

Each CSGORoll visitor has to decide what case to open. Here it is impossible to give the only correct advice because everything depends on the player’s preferences and requests. When choosing a case, rely on the following criteria:

  • result. Think whether cool skins or lucrative investments are needed;
  • planned budget. For convenience, CSGORoll has filters to sort items by price and other parameters;
  • desire to get a skin for a certain weapon. For example, there are a lot of items for a sniper rifle in the 10% AWP case for 14.74 coins. There is only one skin that fits the PP-Bizon (SAND DASHED). The other nine items are for the AWP, and they range in price from 37.40 to 13,075 coins.

Consider what you’re expecting from the chest and everything will make sense at once. Use the best way to roll CS:GO cases and get exclusive skins.

What Profit of CSGORoll Cases

Cases in CSGORoll attract a lot of attention from gamers. This is due to the fact that when they are opened, it is possible to get premium skins of high value. Sometimes the money invested pays off thousands of times over.

Rare items can be exchanged for cheaper items. This will enable you to build a specific collection or improve the appearance of all the weapons and ammunition used by the player in CS:GO. Rare skins can also be sold and generate huge profits.

Chance to Get Knife in CSGORoll Case

In 2017, Valve Studios revealed the chances of getting knives in their cases for CS:GO players. This happened due to pressure from the Chinese Ministry of Culture, which demanded all game developers adhere to the country’s laws and make their data available to the public.

The company made an official announcement, and when you read it, you see the following probability:

  • 0.26% – yellow (Exceedingly Rare);
  • 0.64% – red (Covert);
  • 3.2% – pink (Classified);
  • 15.98% – purple (Restricted);
  • 79.92% – blue (Mil-Spec).

This is the same value that CSGORoll uses when providing cases to its visitors. If you want to get an Exceedingly Rare knife, you are offered one item per 385 boxes. However, don’t despair – Mil-Spec skins are dropped quite often.

The best case to roll a knife CS:GO is a 70% KNIFE worth 208.50 coins. It includes one cheap rifle skin (SAND MESH for SCAR-20 worth 0.02 coins) and seven cool knife items worth 194 to 794 coins.


What is the best CSGORoll case to open in CS:GO?

The best and most popular case on the CSGORoll platform is PSYCHO worth 334.05 coins. It includes 15 items. The BOREAL FOREST skin for P250 (0.02 coins) is the most common item, and the rarest one is PANDORA’S BOX sports gloves (49,999 coins).

What is the most profitable CSGORoll case to open in CS:GO?

The most profitable case on  CSGORoll is 10% DOPPLER. Having spent 108.59 coins, you can get cool skins. SAND DASHED for PP-Bizon worth 0.01 coins drops in 90% of cases. 1% is given to each of the ten skins, where DOPPLER PHASE 4 for Gut Knife costs 318 coins, and DOPPLER PHASE 2 for Karambit costs 2,675 coins.

What is the rarest CSGORoll case in CS:GO?

The rarest case that is the least opened is CONFIDENTIAL worth 339, 54 coins. There are 18 items on offer here. The cheapest is SAND DASHED for MP9/PP-Bizon worth 0.01 coins, the most expensive one is DRAGON LORE for AWP worth 59.60.

Is opening CSGORoll cases worth it?

Yes, opening CSGORoll cases can bring you cool skins or real items, the value of which is thousands of times higher than the price of the key.

What is the best knife case in CSGORoll?

The best knife case is 70% KNIFE. It is worth 208,50 coins. The cheapest item is the SAND MESH for SCAR-20 worth 0.02 coins (30% drop rate). The cost of the other seven knife skins ranges from 194 to 794 coins. Their chances of dropping out range from 0.5% to 33%.

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