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Stake issues

What to Do When Stake is Down

If the gambling portal cannot be accessed, it is necessary to figure out the reasons. It may be technical problems that are currently being solved by specialists. It is also possible that the portal is blocked in a certain region where gambling and further participation in it are prohibited.

What exactly happened, only the platform owners know. You, in turn, can get the relevant information in social networks and messengers where there are Stake pages and channels. If the site is undergoing technical maintenance, you will be informed about the approximate time of its completion. It is more complicated when it comes to the platform’s blockage, and here you only have to wait for changes in the legislation of the country.

You can use its mirrors to solve the problem and gain access to the gambling site. They are an exact copy of the site where the design, functionality, and customer base are transferred. Here your balance on the game and bonus accounts is preserved, and changes are instantly synchronized on the main website and all alternative platforms.

Another option is to use a VPN service. It changes the IP addresses, thanks to which the ban on visiting the site disappears for you. You can find paid and free options on the web, and the first ones are much more reliable.

Why I Can’t Play on Stake

You must register and verify your data in order to play on Stake. If you are unable to create an account on the portal, the reason may be the inappropriateness of age or geolocation restrictions. The fact is that only users of legal age are allowed to register. They must reside or temporarily stay in jurisdictions where there is no ban on gambling with money. If you enter incorrect data, you will not be able to complete verification and your account will be blocked.

If you have an account but have problems launching slots, then check the stability of your Internet connection. It is possible that due to the fluctuation of the access speed, all the processes are too slow. In any case, contact a support consultant to find out the reasons.

Why I Can’t Log in to Stake

If you can’t log in to your profile, carefully check the data you entered. Login and password must correspond to the ones you specified when registering on the site. Pay attention to the case when entering letters.

If you forgot your password, you can always restore it. The process takes a minimum of time. For this purpose, do as follows:

  • Click the “Login” button (it is at the upper side of the home page);
  • Select “Forgot your password?” in the tab that opens;
  • Enter your email address in the dedicated line that appears;
  • Click “Restore password”.

You will receive an email with further instructions. Follow it to restore your credentials and log in to your account without issues.

 Stake Games Don’t Work

Sometimes users have problems with games that don’t work. This can be due to a very slow internet connection. In this case, the slot does not start because of the long data transfer.

In exceptional cases, there may be situations when the slot machine is no longer supported by the developer. As a rule, information about this quickly goes to the administration of the casino, and the emulator is removed from the general collection. However, you may be trying to play when the appropriate measures have not yet been taken.

I Can’t Deposit on Stake

If you can’t make a deposit, then problems from the payment service’s side are not excluded. However, there may be simpler reasons:

  • incorrectly entered cryptocurrency wallet address when transferring funds;
  • minimum limits applicable on the site are not taken into account;
  • insufficient amount on balance;
  • allowed amount of transfers per month is exceeded.

If all the criteria are met, then ask for help from the support team. They will promptly identify the side where the problem arose, and help to resolve the issue in a short time.

Why Stake Payment Can Fail

In some cases, transaction processing may fail. As a rule, this is due to the following reasons:

  • use of other people’s payment instruments. If verification reveals that the crypto wallet belongs to a third party, the transaction will be canceled;
  • Problems on the side of financial operators. In this case, you should contact the support service of your payment provider and find out when it will be possible to transfer money again;
  • Incorrect data during deposit or withdrawal of winnings. Check the information and change it, if necessary.

I Can’t Get My Winning on Stake

You may face the problem of not being able to get your winnings for several reasons:

  • there was a break in the Internet connection at the time of spinning the reels;
  • in the course of sports betting, the match was not completed for certain reasons;
  • when participating in one of the promotions, the stated conditions were not met..

Also, the payment of winnings is not performed in case of detection of fraudulent actions on your part. To avoid such situations, carefully read the terms and conditions of the site.

Problems with Customer Service on Stake

If support staff has not responded or has been unable to help you, write an official letter to the owner of the Stake platform. You can find the company’s contact information on the homepage. This will enable management to take action against incompetent employees.

In the case of a specific problem, share it in a thematic forum. It is possible that some of the users have encountered a similar situation and will advise the order of action. In addition, experienced players can provide some advice based on their own knowledge.


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