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How to sell or to buy CSGORoll account

What Do I Need CSGORoll Account For?

A CSGORoll account is necessary to access the full functionality of the platform. If you have an account, you can deposit or withdraw funds, activate a promo code, and become a member of an affiliate program. Also, after the registration, you have access to exciting gambling games like Crash, Roulette, etc.

Daily cases attract no less attention. However, they can only be obtained by players who have reached the second level. This requires betting on the platform (each $0.7 coin brings the user 400 experience points). The higher the level is reached, the better are the gifts in the cases.

It sometimes takes a long time to upgrade your account. Furthermore, it requires considerable financial expenses or successful games with large payouts. Not every gambler has the time and desire to deal with account upgrading. Nevertheless, they really want to get great skins by opening daily cases. That’s why the possibility to buy and sell accounts is in demand among CSGORoll visitors.

Is It Possible to Sell or Buy CSGORoll Account?

There are many online offers featuring a CSGORoll account for sale. Also, users put up purchase requests. The situation is not exceptional because there are those who make money on this and others who receive the desired privileges by purchasing the higher level.

As to the possibility of reaching an agreement with a buyer or seller, it all depends on a mutual willingness to come to a compromise. Of course, there are situations where both parties are happy with the terms of the deal. However, often the buyer begins to bargain attempting to lower the price. Whatever the case may be, deals do take place.

Is It Legit to Sell or Buy CSGORoll Account?

Buying/selling an account in CSGORoll is illegal. The rules of the gambling platform stipulate that the account must belong to a specific user, and all data must be accurate and up-to-date. If you purchase an account from another member, his personal information is linked to it. This is due to the fact that the portal requires verification of full name/date of birth, as well as the residence address.

The point is that the verification of information is carried out immediately after registration to get access to financial transactions. Yet, some users are in the risk group, and the administration conducts re-verification from time to time. Accordingly, a player will not be able to verify information using someone else’s account, and this account will be blocked.

Benefits of Selling or Buying CSGORoll Account

The benefit of buying/selling a CSGORoll account is obvious: everything is done for the sake of money and cool skins. Each participant of the transaction pursues his own goals. The seller gets a profit in the form of money. Despite the fact that he incurred certain costs to upgrade his account and level, the amount received fully covers all the losses and provides an additional income.

As for the buyer, he gets an account with a high in-game level. Accordingly, every day the user will receive cases with cool CS:GO skins.

Where Can I Sell or Buy CSGORoll Account?

Users buy and sell accounts on thematic forums. Anyone can post their offers, and then interested parties engage in discussion. Also, some gambling sites provide possibilities for the execution of transactions. In this case, there are no lots and other privileges. Participants communicate with each other via chat. Upon mutual interest and agreement, a purchase/sale is effected.

What Main Factors Does the CSGORoll Account Price Depend On?

The price of the account is set by the seller. Of course, a certain amount can be offered by the buyer. If the seller is satisfied with the offer, the deal will take place. The main factors that affect the price of the account are as follows:

  • the level reached by the user during the lifetime of the profile;
  • the expenses incurred by the account owner for its development;
  • availability of active referrals and their quantity. Invited users create passive income;
  • frequency of transactions on the platform and their success;
  • absence of issues with the administration from the moment the account was registered.

Each user decides what price should be charged for his or her profile. However, if the seller easily agrees to a big discount, think carefully. He may be a scammer and is offering you a stolen account.


Is it safe to buy a CSGORoll account?

Buying someone else’s account is not safe. This is due to the fact that the account may be stolen and after a certain period of time its owner will show up. Also, CSGORoll re-verifies users at risk from time to time. You will not be able to complete it using an account that does not belong to you.

How to avoid cheating during selling or buying a CSGORoll account?

If you want to avoid being cheated, you need to carefully check both the account and the seller. The account must belong to the user who offers it to you. Otherwise, there is a high probability that the profile is stolen.

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