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Duelbits Crash in 2024

What is Duelbits Crash?

Duelbits Crash is one of the most popular casino games that will offer you pure thrill and excitement. In this simple game, you have to predict how high a green rocket ship will go between space stars before it explodes. There are many wagers waiting for you with this one, as well as opportunity for high incomes.

Duelbits has without a doubt the best crash multiplier game on the casino market thanks to the perfect user interface and high top rewards. It also has great visuals and the game works smoothly without any lags for a superb experience. On top of that, if you sign up as a newcomer, you will immediately gain access to an exclusive 50% Rakeback VIP feature.

Is Duelbits Crash legit?

Yes, Duelbits Crash is a 100% legit casino game, and here are the three main reasons why. First of all, Duelbits is a trusted crypto casino platform that holds a valid gambling license from the authorities of Curacao and it has been in business for quite some time.

Moreover, every casino game as well as Duelbits Crash has implemented a Provably fair system that ensures fair odds and equal chances for every player involved. In that way, you can be sure that there is not any scam and you can win some money if you are lucky enough.

Lastly, Duelbits has a large fan community and enjoys a good reputation among players especially when it comes to the famous Crash game. That can be confirmed with many payouts up to five figures amount.

How does Duelbits Crash work?

This game is quite simple to figure out, that is why so many players love it. The game starts every couple of seconds and in front of you, there is a green rocket ship launching and ascending as high as possible. That’s exactly the catch because you need to predict how high the will rocket rise. The more it goes, the higher your multiplier, but you never know when it will explode.

It is a game of patience and risk where you weigh how far you want to go before you cash out your multiplied winnings.  Best of all, the minimum wager amount is set to just $0,01 so you can check how Dubelbits Crash works. On the other hand, the maximum winning is set to an astonishing $50,000 so whether you are a high roller or you just want to have some fun, this game is the right choice for you.

How to play Duelbits Crash?

Although playing this game is a straightforward process, to save you time we have made a simple guide on how to play Duelbits Crash

  1. First, you need to register on Duelbit’s official website to get an exclusive 50 % Rakeback.
  2. After account registration, on the left side of your screen, there is a menu with certain promotions and games. Navigate through until you reach Crash with a small rocket logo and click on it.
  3. The game will instantly pop up on your screen where you will see that rocket launches every couple of seconds so you need to be quick with your wager. On the right side, you need to input your preferred wager amount. Also, if you don’t want to cash out manually, you have an auto cashout option in which you set the desired multiplier in advance. That means the exact moment you will automatically exit the game.
  4. After you have everything set, press the green start button to play and watch patiently while the rocket launches in the sky. Test your luck and see how far you can go but be careful as you never know when it will be all over. Also, find out about the strategy we mentioned below to increase or save your money.

Where can I play Duelbits Crash?

Basically, you can play Duelbits Crash wherever you are. This is a trusted and proven gambling platform that follows required legal regulations and laws. Therefore, it is accessible in almost every country. You just need to go to Duelbit’s official website, navigate to Crash game, and follow the steps mentioned above.

However, due to some legislative restrictions, players from some countries might not be able to use Duelbit’s services. Luckily, we have described a solution for those situations in the next paragraph.

How to play Duelbits Crash in restricted countries

As we said, there is a shortcut to play Duelbits Crash and earn some money, even when you are coming from some of the restricted countries. If that is the case and you want to play this game, you just need to have a secure VPN installed on your computer or mobile device. This will hide your IP address and display it like you are coming from every other allowed country.

There are many VPN programs on the market, some of them are free, while some you must pay for using them. We recommend Nord VPN, or if you want a free option, try Browsec VPN.  Either way, you will enjoy the peaks and perks of Duelbits Crash.

Duelbits Crash Predictor

To save your time and money, we strongly advise you to not use any Duelbits Crash Predictor because it just won’t work. This game is implemented with a random number generator which determines when the rocket multiplier will explode and it is unhackable.

You have far better chances of playing a smart and patient game while using one of our responsible gambling strategies. That way if you have a little bit of luck, you may increase your money by far.

Duelbits Crash strategies to win

You don’t have to be a genius to figure out that this is a game of patience and chances followed by some dose of pure luck. However, implementing a strategy into your wagering might increase your money profit. We certainly recommend that you use some of the following tips and tricks:

  • Low wagers: For every newcomer out there we advise using a strategy with low wagers. This carries a low risk of losing a bigger amount of money, while you have an opportunity to learn how the game works and how high you usually want to go
  • Auto cashout: Let’s face it, greed is in human nature, and is hard to overcome it while the multiplier goes higher and higher before it’s too late and the rocket explodes leaving you with nothing but a loss. That’s why you should use the auto cashout option and set in advance your preferred multiplier. That way, when the multiplier hits your determined target, you will automatically exit the game with your increased money. Our little advice here is to set a lower multiplier which you are more likely to score.
  • Crash history: Duelbits has a Provably fair Crash game with a visible history of multipliers scored by other players and payouts they got.  Click on the bottom bar of the game, search history, and find out the pattern of the most scored multipliers.
  • Martingale strategy: This one is for high rollers. You should enhance your wager after every loss, while for every winning you should go back to your initial wager. That way you can close your losses but also slowly improve in your money prize.

My own experience on Duelbits Crash

While playing this game, I can confirm that Duelbits Crash is by far the best there is when it comes to Crash games. It is very simple but effective. The game works smoothly which is important in this type of game because you never know when the rocket multiplier will explode. It has a provably fair system put in place, and everyone can make some money if they are patient and smart enough.

On top of that, upon signing up, use the benefit of an instant 50% Rakeback from the VIP section. That will help to cover your losses while it will also increase your money balance. So wait no more and launch the rocket in the sky. Ready, steady, go!


How does Crash work on Duelbits?

Like every other crash game, Duelbits Crash is simply a multiplier rocket that rises and reaches a higher multiplier until it explodes and you lose. It is simple to use, just set the preferred wager amount and cash out before it’s all over.

How to win on Duelbits Crash?

To win in this game, you need to cash out before the rocket explodes. The best advice is to go with lower multipliers as these you are more likely to score. Remember that this is a game of patience and luck. Also, try some of our other strategies mentioned.

Can I play Duelbits Crash in the USA?

If you want to play Duelbits Crash in the USA you will first need to install a certain VPN program to be able to play the game, since the Duelbits platform is restricted to players from the USA.

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