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CSGORoll Plinko Guide in 2024

How to Play CSGORoll Plinko

Plinko is a gambling game with the simplest rules. It is available to registered visitors of CSGORoll who can bet using in-game currency and receive generous rewards. Each skin won with Plinko will be a reminder of grand success.

If you want to become a leader, read the rules. The idea of the game is as follows: you have to throw the ball and trust the laws of gravity. It will fall into one of the wells, moving between the established points. Each cell is marked with a certain amount of winnings. You will get the prize according to the well where the ball will end up.

How to Place Bets in CSGORoll Plinko

You need to proceed according to a certain sequence in order to place your bets. It is required to

  • Go to the section with the games and select Plinko;
  • Enter the optimal parameter in the Bet Amount box;
  • Specify the desired value in the Ball Count line;
  • Select the Rows characteristic from 8 to 16;
  • Click on High, Medium, or Low-Risk Payouts.

When you have specified all the necessary values, pay attention to the Place Bet button. It displays the amount to be invested. If everything suits you, click on the button to start the game.

Risk Levels of CSGORoll Plinko

There are three levels of risk in the Plinko game: high, medium, and low. One level should be chosen during betting. The point is that the balls are dropped into random wells. However, most of them fall into the central segments. Some are paid for at lower odds. If, on the other hand, the balls fall into the wells on the edges, you get the biggest prize.

At the low-risk level, the cells with small odds prevail, large odds can be found at the high level. As an example, let’s consider a game with the following parameters:

  • one coin;
  • 16 rows;
  • one ball.

When the risk level is selected, each cell will be designated by a certain multiplier. The spread between large, medium, and low multiples is shown in the table.

Risk Level Number of cells with a certain multiplier, pcs.
High Medium Low
High 10 2 5
Medium 8 6 3
Low 4 10 3

According to the above data, it is clear that when you choose a high level of risk, the chances of the ball hitting a hole with large odds increase.

CSGORoll Plinko Strategies

Take advantage of strategies to win the game. The following techniques are in the greatest demand:

  1. Martingale. Effective strategy when playing with low risk on 8 to 10 rows. The essence lies in doubling your bet when you lose. As soon as you get the prize, go back to the initial bet amount.
  2. Shooting the stars. The strategy is used when playing with a high level of risk on 12 to 16 rows. You need to select a certain level of bets and stick to this value for 10 or more rounds. Keep an eye on the amount you lose. If you lose more than 50% of the bet, finish the entertainment and return to it the next day. However, now you need to increase the amount of investment by 20% and repeat all the actions. The scheme works for each subsequent day.

You decide which strategy to choose. It all depends on your thirst for excitement and available deposit.

How to Win on CSGORoll Plinko

Nothing extraordinary is required of you to win at Plinko. It is enough to choose an acceptable bet level in accordance with the size of the deposit. If you make a large investment with a small amount in the account, then you can lose money after a couple of rounds.

If you have no experience, start with small bets. This will allow you to familiarize yourself with the game and understand how to act to be successful. Increase your bets as your skills are developed.

When playing do not forget about the strategies. Choose a suitable method and do not deviate from its provisions. Then you’ll be closer to winning faster.

Odds in CSGORoll Plinko

When playing Plinko at different risk levels, there is a specific rate of the ball hitting the basket. You can see the odds in the tables. First, look at the values for low risk.

Multipliers Hit frequency
х0.45 19.63%
х0.91 17.45%
х1.10 12.21%
х1.20 6.66%
х1.40 0.85–2.77%
х2.0 0.18%
х9 0.024%
х71 0.0015%


Here are the indicators for the medium risk.

Multipliers Hit frequency
х0.25 19.63%
х0.41 17.45%
х1 12.21%
х1.5 6.66%
х3 2.77%
х5 0.85%
х10 0.18%
х41 0.024%
х170 0.0015%


The final values are offered for high risk

Multipliers Hit frequency
х0.14 19.63%
х0.12 17.45%
х0.20 12.21%
х2 6.66%
х4 2.77%
х9 0.85%
х26 0.18%
х130 0.024%
х1,030 0.0015%


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