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Top 11 The Most Expensive CS2 Knives

CS:GO has kept fans amused and entertained with its in-game cosmetic items, especially knives, which are highly sought after by gaming enthusiasts and collectors. There is a vast market in the online CS:GO marketplace for these knives, especially the rarer ones. In this article, we’ll talk about the most expensive CS:GO knives based on their rarity and demand.

11 Most Expensive CS2 Knives

Here are the 11 most expensive CS:GO knives in 2024. However, bear in mind that the pricing can vary depending on the trends and demand of the specific design.

  1. Karambit Case Hardened Blue Gem: The Case Hardened Blue Gem variant is prized for its blue colouration, which results from the ‘case hardening’ skin pattern. Collectors specifically look for the amount and distribution of blue, with some patterns being more desirable than others, making them one of the most expensive CS:GO knives in the market.
  2. M9 Bayonet Crimson Web (Factory New): The M9 Bayonet is a pretty expensive knife in itself, but combined with the “Factory New” condition, it climbs up to an even higher price range of upwards of 2000$.
  3. Butterfly Knife Crimson Web (Factory New): The Butterfly Knife is famous for its unique flipping animation in the game, which gamers love. However, The Crimson Web pattern, especially in the pristine Factory New condition, is very rare and expensive.
  4. Karambit Doppler Sapphire: The Karambit Doppler Sapphire is a part of the Doppler series that also includes Ruby and Black Pearl, but Sapphire is often the most sought-after for its striking blue hue and rarity, making it the most expensive one in the series.
  5. Bayonet Autotronic (Factory New): The Bayonet is a classic CS:GO knife with a sleek, modern look. However, the Autotronic skin gives it a red circuitry design on a metallic background that makes it more unique and sought-after among gaming enthusiasts.
  6. Flip Knife Lore (Factory New): The Lore collection is known for its intricate, dragon-inspired golden design over a black background. The Flip Knife variant has a compact and practical design, and when it’s in the top “Factory New” condition, it becomes a highly coveted and rare skin in the CS:GO skin lineup.
  7. Bowie Knife Fade (Factory New): The Bowie Knife is a large, heavy knife named after the famous Jim Bowie. The Fade skin is applied on the knife with a smooth gradient, typically blending from purple or pink up to a light blue, covering the entire blade, making it one of the most expensive knives on our list.
  8. Karambit Marble Fade (Fire and Ice): The Marble Fade effect on the Karambit knife is a multi-coloured finish that combines red, blue, and yellow hues. On the other hand, the “Fire and Ice” variant is particularly prized and expensive for having only red and blue colours, resembling fire and ice with a clear separation.
  9. Talon Knife Fade (Factory New): The Talon Knife is quite similar to the Karambit knife, with a curved design and a ring that allows the knife to be spun. The Fade pattern on a Talon Knife, particularly when it covers the weapon entirely and is in “Factory New” condition, is rare and aesthetically pleasing.
  10. M9 Bayonet Lore (Factory New): The Lore skin, with its detailed, mythical creature design, is highly desirable. The M9 Bayonet’s large surface area showcases the skin well, and in Factory New condition, the intricate design is crisp and clear, making it a prized possession among CS2 collectors and enthusiasts.
  11. Ursus Knife Doppler Ruby (Factory New): The Ursus Knife is a more traditional and straightforward knife design. The Doppler Ruby variant is a vibrant, solid red colour. As with other Doppler skins, the Ruby is rare, and finding one in Factory New condition, with its unblemished, glossy appearance, is even rarer.

Expensive Knives in CS2

Knife Year of Adding Design Prices for Passed 2 Months Increase in % Interesting Fact
Karambit Case Hardened Blue Gem 2013 Blue colouration, claw-like shape $15000 5% Most desirable patterns are called ‘Blue Gems’.
M9 Bayonet Crimson Web 2013 Red web design over black $12000 10% Sought after for its spider web pattern.
Butterfly Knife Crimson Web 2014 Red web design, butterfly opening $13000 7% Known for its unique opening animation.
Karambit Doppler Sapphire 2015 Entirely blue in the Doppler series $17000 12% One of the rarest Doppler phases.
Bayonet Autotronic 2016 Red circuitry design $9000 4% Sleek modern look with a unique red pattern.
Flip Knife Lore 2016 Gold and black, dragon-inspired design $11000 9% Inspired by the legendary AWP Dragon Lore.
Bowie Knife Fade 2016 Colourful gradient, large size $10000 6% Large and imposing with a full gradient.
Karambit Marble Fade Fire and Ice 2015 Red and blue colours, distinct separation $16000 15% Perfect Fire and Ice patterns are extremely rare.
Talon Knife Fade 2018 Similar to Karambit, fade colour design $10500 8% Recent addition with a sought-after fade.
M9 Bayonet Lore 2016 Intricate, dragon-inspired design $15000 11% Large surface area showcases the Lore design well.
Ursus Knife Doppler Ruby 2018 Bright red, Doppler series $9500 5% Solid bright red colour in the Doppler series

Are All Knives Expensive in CS2?

No, Not all knives are expensive in CS:GO. The price of the knives depends on a plethora of factors, including:

  • Rarity
  • Condition
  • Demand
  • Skin
  • Release Series
  • Special Features

These factors determine the price of the skin in a varied manner. However, some knives are released very cheaply and often climb on to be very expensive to buy with time due to their rarity and demand.

Why are Knives so expensive in CS2?

Some knives in CS:GO command high prices due to their special design, rarity, and demand. For many players, these sought-after pieces of inventory become more than just an in-game item, they consider it a prestige way to personalize gameplay. Moreover, rare patterns or skins, especially in factory-new condition, can be incredibly scarce, driving up demand among a dedicated community of collectors and players.


The CS:GO knives are one of the most prestigious and sought-after in-game items to avid game collectors and CS2 enthusiasts, making them expensive and rare in nature due to their demand. However, the game hosts a wide inventory and often releases new knife designs, so gamers can buy according to their budget and preference.


What is the most expensive knife on CS:GO?

The most expensive knife on CS:GO varies with time and market trends, but at the time of writing, the Karambit Case Hardened Blue Gem is the most expensive knife with a price tag of over $15,000 due to its rarity and demand.

What is the top 1 knife in CS:GO?

The Top 1 knife in CS:GO regarding its popularity is the Butterfly Knife due to its intricate simulation and shape. The Butterfly animation is loved by fans, making it a sought-after piece among enthusiasts.

What is the most expensive weapon ever?

Prices fluctuate with market trends, but the Emerald or Sapphire Butterfly knives have reportedly reached over $25,000 in the past, making them the most expensive weapons ever.

What is the most expensive butterfly knife in CS:GO 2023?

In CS:GO 2023, the Butterfly knife with the Crimson Web pattern in the Factory New condition can be the most expensive Butterfly knife in CS:GO.

What is the rarest knife in CS:GO?

The Karambit Case Hardened Blue Gem is one of the most rare knives in CS:GO. Only a few of the pieces are available in the marketplace with a jaw-dropping price tag.

What is the most expensive CSGO trade?

The most expensive CS:GO trade in history was for about $800,000 for two skins, including AWP Dragon Lore and Case Hardened AK-47.

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