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  • instant evaluation, sale, and transfer of funds
  • nice bonuses, distribution of promo codes
  • a variety of ways to withdraw money
  • the selling process is safe and profitable
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  • transaction fees
  • it is impossible to exchange skins

SkinCashier Promo Code + Full Review

If you are interested in selling skins from your own CS:GO, Dota2, or Team Fortress 2 collection, there is no better place than SkinCashier. The platform offers its visitors favorable terms of the deal, instant payouts in a convenient currency, and nice bonuses.

SkinCashier promo code:

Every registered user can expect nice gifts from the establishment. It is possible to get even more money to your account after the sale by using a special SkinCashier promo code. Would you like to know about profitable and fast skin sales? Keep reading our SkinCashier review.

skincashier review

How to use the SkinCashier promo code?

If you have a SkinCashier promo code, you will soon be able to get 3% extra on the money you get from selling skins. Activating the SkinCashier promo code is easy:

  1. Follow the referral link.

  2. Sign in to your Steam account.

  3. Enter the code combination - “HELLA”.

  4. Click the activation button.

    skincashier promo code

After that, the cost of items increases by 3%, and the amount of the bonus will be displayed separately.

How to sell skins with SkinCashier?

The platform has developed the simplest possible process of selling skins. You just need to log in to your Steam account, make a public inventory in the settings, and create a trading URL. Then everything happens automatically - you will see the prices for each item. Approve the deal and get your money in a matter of a minute.

Is it SkinCashier legit?

There are no questions about the legality of SkinCashier: 

  • 😎 the platform uses SSL encryption to protect customers' personal data;

  • 📲 it generates and sends a one-time code for each transaction;

  • 👫 more than 150,000 gamers visit the site every month.

Is this not a confirmation of the site's absolute legality? It is trusted by hundreds of thousands of players from all over the world.

skincashier legit

Main Promotions & Bonuses

Pleasant bonuses are developed for all users. For example, active gamers can catch a time-limited offer that has to be activated within 3 minutes. In addition, affiliate codes allow you to get 3% more from sales.

Games Supported

SkinCashier enables you to sell skins of the most famous and popular games:

  • DOTA2 belongs to the MOBA genre where two teams of five people compete. The winner is the team that destroys the main fortress of the enemies;

  • CS:GO is a multiplayer first-person shooter with many locations and scenarios. There are two opponents: terrorists and special forces. The winner is determined after several rounds. You can play with real people and bots;

  • Team Fortress 2 is an online shooter with cartoon-style animation similar to that of the Incredibles. Two opposing sides - RED and BLU - fight in secret bases of scientists;

  • RUST is an open-world game where each character struggles to survive on a large island. The multiplayer online game includes elements of Minecraft, as you can build and craft items.

All of these games are developed by Valve and available on Steam for free.

Deposit & Withdrawal Methods

SkinCashier is not only profitable for selling skins but also convenient in terms of deposits and withdrawals. You can get money for skins in fiat and cryptocurrency. For this purpose, there are the following payment systems:

  • Bitcoin;

  • Ethereum;

  • PayPal;

  • Skrill;

  • WebMoney;

  • Visa;

  • Mastercard;

  • Payeer;

  • WIRE.

The funds can be credited to a  card, e-wallet, or account via bank transfer.

Customer Support

Timely customer support contributes to mutual understanding and rapid resolution of issues. SkinCashier has specialists in live chat who are ready to help 24/7 with any problem that may arise. You can communicate with an operator in English or through a translator. Answers to the most common questions can be found in the FAQ section.


SkinCashier is suitable for absolutely all gamers - with a small inventory and an extensive collection of skins. Everyone is offered an adequate price, attractive bonuses, promo codes, and convenient payment methods. This is one of the best platforms with instant payouts.


Is SkinCashier legit?

This is a completely legal platform with proven fair payouts and high traffic. More than a million transactions with thousands of users have been completed since its launch.

How to sell my skins for real money on SkinCashier?

  1. Log in to your Steam account, 

  2. Open your inventory and set up your trading URL, 

  3. Get an instant evaluation of your items 

  4. If you are satisfied, confirm the deal by returning the code sent by the bot.

Can you sell RUST skins for real money on SkinCashier?

Absolutely! The site accepts not only RUST skins, but also skins from other popular games such as Dota 2, TF2, RUST, CS:GO, etc.