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Is Skinsmonkey legit in 2024

What is SkinsMonkey?

If you are interested in trading CS2 skins, and you have heard about this platform but do not know whether you can trust it or not, worry not as we got you covered. In this piece, we will provide information for the question is SkinsMonkey legit? On top of that, you will find out what this website brings to the table. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Is SkinsMonkey Legit?

Given the fact that SkinsMonkey is exclusively a third-party trading platform that has nothing to do with any type of online gambling, it is normal to expect that they are going to operate without a license, and rightfully so.

However, various other security protocols should be put in place to keep your inventory and Steam information safe, and you should know that this is where SkinsMonkey thrives. Alongside numerous tutorials and guides on how to avoid getting scammed, there are also other security options such as proper verification through a unique code, before you accept the trade offer, etc.

The company behind the website is called Virtual Asset Empire LTD, with its headquarters in Nicosia, Cyprus. According to the popular review platform, Trustpilot, the website is holding an excellent rating of 4,8/5 based on nearly 1,000 unique reviews.

Why Choose SkinsMonkey?

If you are looking for a place to trade CS2 skins for the best rates, then we assure you that you can’t go wrong with SkinsMonkey. Here are the main reasons why you should give this website a chance.

  • Getting extra bang for your buck: Did you know that SkinsMonkey is one of the few websites that is going above and beyond to provide both existing customers and newcomers with deposit offers? For example, if you end up buying skins for cash, you can get a 35% deposit bonus for doing so and get even better skins without investing extra money.
  • Stacked inventory to choose from: We should also touch base on the fact that SkinsMonkey has an insane amount of CS2 skins to choose from. Alongside finding exclusive ones like Emeralds or Rubies, you will also enjoy various other skins and find something suitable for you.
  • Dedicated guides for exclusive CS2 skins: We also need to address the fact that SkinsMonkey has put in place dedicated CS2 skins guides regarding patterns, best skins, and various other tutorials that will help you become a better trader.
  • One of the most popular trade sites on the market: Last but not least, SkinsMonkey has millions of traders which proves that this is indeed one of the most popular platforms for buying or exchanging skins that the entire community has the most trust in.

Additional SkinsMonkey Bonuses

The fact is, you can expect to get free money by using a promo code on online gambling sites, but did you know that the same thing is waiting for you on SkinsMonkey as well? Keep in mind that there are several ways of getting your hands on extra funds without having to use any strategy at all. Here is what is in store for you.

  • Deposit bonus: Keep in mind that SkinsMonkey bases their deposit bonuses on certain seasonal events such as Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, and various other promotions. Even though deposit percentages vary from one event to another, they usually vary from 25% to 40%.
  • Free $5: Once you sign up for an account, you can head over to the tab called “Free $5” and type in the creator code. Once you make a first trade, you will get $5 for free.
  • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Giveaways: Just by doing certain tasks on the website, you can collect raffle tickets and participate in different giveaways. Bear in mind that daily giveaway prizes range from $1 to $5, while weekly ones can go up to $50. Last but not least, monthly ones are exclusive and can net you rewarding skins such as knives or gloves worth over $500.
  • Free Tasks: Under the giveaway tab, you can also find several tasks to fulfill and claim free money in return. Tasks are very simple such as following SkinsMonkey on Twitter or joining the official Discord server.

SkinsMonkey Strategies to Profit

Bear in mind that to end up in profit on SkinsMonkey, all you have to do is invest time and effort into finding good deals. There is zero luck involved in all of this. Below, we will discuss a strategy or two that could come in handy if you want to make a living on trading CS2 skins.

  • Have a healthy bankroll: Having a strong starting bankroll is what this strategy is all about, and we assure you that the entire process is much shorter if you have a solid bankroll that you can work with.
  • Find good deals and do not skip on them: The next step is investing time into doing the research regarding which skins are in demand. Then you are looking for opportunities on SkinsMonkey that you can capitalize on. Keep in mind that once you find a good opportunity, you should not think twice about it, otherwise, other traders who are using a similar strategy to earn free money could also be interested in buying the discounted skin. Afterward, you can calculate the potential profit and once you have made a couple of high-end trades, you will notice that you ended up in profit without having to risk money gambling.

Customer Support

When it comes to online trading, it feels awful when you are stuck in the corner with a pending trade that went wrong. For that reason, helpful and always available customer support should be present, and this is exactly the kind of service SkinsMonkey provides. Here are the available ways of reaching out to customer staff.

  • Live Chat: By going to the website footer, you are going to find a button labeled “Live Support 24/7”. Click on it and the pop-up will appear. Usually, it only takes a minute or two before you are connected to an agent who will gladly help you resolve problems or answer any queries you might have.
  • Email: It is also possible to send out your concerns or problems through the following email address: [email protected]. You can expect to get an answer within 12-24 hours of sending up your query.
  • Phone: Not available
  • Social networks: Steam Group, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Discord
  • Languages supported: Chinese, Ukrainian, Turkish, Swedish, Suomi, Slovak, Russian, Romanian, Portuguese, Polish, Norwegian, Japanese, French, Spanish, Danish, German, Czech, English

My Own Experience on SkinsMonkey

We have been using SkinsMonkey to buy or exchange CS2 skins for quite some time now, and we never had any problems with it. The account creation is straightforward, but the annoying part is the fact that you have to provide an email address and a trade URL to browse the website.

The user interface is intuitive and it does not take you long to find the skins you are looking for. Bear in mind that there are plenty of filters to choose from, including the “Affordable Items” one which will help you choose the skins based on your current bankroll.

Last but not least, do not forget to participate in different giveaways and seasonal events to further increase your bankroll and get even better skins than you first hoped to get. All in all, with SkinsMonkey, you can’t go wrong.


Is SkinsMonkey safe?

Yes, SkinsMonkey is a safe and legit platform for trading CS2 skins. Given the fact that this is a trading website, they do not require a license to operate. Also, they put in place various protection measures including the SSL certificate. On top of that, there is a security category available on the website where you can get additional information on web sessions, Steam Guard, and more.

Can I get free money on SkinsMonkey?

Yes, there are several ways of getting free money on SkinsMonkey. First and foremost, you can get your hands on $5 for free just by using a creator code. Moreover, you can also fulfill tasks to claim free money and participate in giveaways for free.

Where can I find the SkinsMonkey promo code?

You can find the SkinsMonkey promo code right here. By using the code “HELLAGOOD”, you are entitled to $5 for free when making your next trade.

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