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Is Skinport legit in 2024

What is Skinport?

Skinport is a marketplace where players can buy, sell, or trade CS2, Dota 2, Team Fortress 2, and Rust skins. On top of that, this is one of the few platforms out there that allows players to sell their skins and get real money for them which is something that traders can’t do if they are using the official Steam marketplace. Given the fact that we are talking about real money values here, a lot of players are asking themselves the same question, that being is Skinport legit platform? Well, this is what we are here for, so stay tuned.

Is Skinport Legit?

Given the fact that Skinport has nothing to do with gambling, they are not required to have a license or a provably fair system. So, how can we determine whether is Skinport legit? Easily! By going over to the Trustpilot website, we found out that Skinport is holding a 4,9/5 rating based on over 25,000 unique reviews.

On top of that, the company behind the website is staying transparent and can be found in the footer. With that being said, the company is called Skinport GmbH, with headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany.

Why Choose Skinport?

If you are interested in buying or selling skins, then we assure you that you can’t go wrong with Skinport. Alongside the obvious reasons such as security and reputation, there are also additional ones that we are going to provide down below, so do not miss out.

  • One of the most trusted trading platforms on the market: Go ahead and ask traders who are constantly buying or selling skins which is the most established and trusted trading platform in the industry. All of them are going to tell you that you can’t go wrong with Skinport.
  • Stacked inventory: If you want to buy skins on Skinport, you will be glad to hear that they have put in place a massive inventory and numerous skins to choose from. Bear in mind that there are skins here for anyone’s pocket starting with cheap ones, and to exclusive items like AWP Dragon Lore, Sapphires, Rubies, etc.
  • Fair prices: The biggest advantage of a massive community revolves around the prices you can get if you want to sell skins here. All of this leads to sellers getting much better deals for themselves, which is not the case with not-so-popular platforms.
  • Get real money when selling skins: Did you know that the majority of trading sites that allow players to sell skins for money are only willing to send you the funds through cryptocurrencies or different e-wallets? This is not the case with Skinport as this platform is all about transparency and does not mind sending you the funds directly to your bank account in record time.

Additional Skinport Bonuses

Despite being a trading website, Skinport is going all out regarding additional bonuses and promotions you can be a part of without having to invest anything in the platform. For more details, refer to the list down below.

  • Affiliate program: If you have an active following, then signing up for an affiliate program with Skinport could earn you real money without having to sell skins. This is how it works. By inviting new customers to the website, you are entitled to a share of the commission Skinport is taking. The more traders you invite, the more rewards you are going to claim.
  • Giveaways: Even before making a first buy or sell on Skinport, we want to urge you to give them a follow across social media channels, especially Twitter. There, you are going to find numerous giveaways and codes through which you can win lucrative skins in a safe manner without having to invest a cent into it.

Customer Support

Let’s face it, no one would like to run into a problem while buying or selling CS2 skins. However, things like this are going to happen from time to time and there should be a way to get help, right? This is where Skinport shines as they put in place several ways of getting help.

  • Live chat: At the time of writing, Skinport does not offer support through live chat. However, they have a dedicated FAQ page that could come in handy regarding instant help.
  • Email: All of your problems, queries, or complaints can be sent to the following email address: [email protected]. Keep in mind that it takes customer staff around 12 to 24 hours to reply to your query. We should also mention the fact that you can use the ticketing system which is put in place on the website.
  • Phone: Not available
  • Social networks: Discord, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Steam
  • Languages supported: Italian, Swedish, Danish, Portuguese, Chinese, Dutch, Polish, Suomi, Spanish, French, Russian, German, English, Turkish

My Own Experience on Skinport

At first glance, Skinport does not seem to offer much, but this is where you would be wrong. After signing up for an account either through Steam or creating a custom profile, you will be met with a user-friendly interface and numerous buy and sell opportunities.

Even though Skinport does not thrive regarding codes or additional on-site bonuses, you will be glad to hear that this website put in place top-notch security protocols to keep your information safe and secure. Let’s not forget to mention that you can use a browser extension to get even more information about the skins you are interested in.

All in all, even though Skinport is charging some of the highest sale fees on the market right now, people are still using this platform actively for both selling and buying CS2, Team Fortress 2, Dota 2, or Rust skins. The main reason why revolves around security, so keep that in mind before you use a shady operator to turn skins into real money!


Is Skinport legit?

Yes, Skinport is a legit website trusted by millions of traders across the globe. The website itself is owned by Skinport GmbH, a company with headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany. On top of that, you should know that this website enjoys a stellar reputation in the skins trading industry alongside providing excellent security to keep your personal and banking information safe.

Where can I find the Skinport promo code?

Finding Skinport codes can be a hard task to achieve. At the time of writing, there are not a lot of websites out there offering such a code but worry not, we got you covered. Use the promo code “HELLAGOOD” and buy or sell skins securely and easily.

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