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  • Worth considering the cost of the box. The more expensive it is, the higher the value of the likely gift will be.

HypeDrop Promo Codes for a Free Mystery Boxes

Everyone knows that Mystery Boxes are mysterious cases with a wide variety of drops. Having paid a few dollars, you can get a valuable item provided that luck is on your side. 

But what to do if you want to test your luck but do not have enough money or do not want to pay the entire amount? There is a way out! You should use HypeDrop promo codes that enable you to open cases for free or with a significant discount.

HypeDrop promo codes list:

If you use promo codes for HypeDrop, it is possible to get nice bonuses for an exciting pastime on the famous site with boxes. The main thing is to know how to use them, where to look for combinations, and how to activate the code in your account. Our HypeDrop Review will tell you the most exciting and useful things about bonus codes, so we recommend reading the article to the end.

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About HypeDrop


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What is HypeDrop?

This is a popular platform offering to open Magic cases and receive valuable prizes. Each box has a specific set of items that can be viewed in advance. However, you can only pick up one or more of them by winning through a random hit. This is the essence of gambling to get not only useful things but also a lot of thrills every time a drop is drawn.

The website offers to buy cases with a variety of subjects: sports, famous brands, children with toys, books, jewelry, beauty products, accessories, etc. Each user will find the topic that interests him the most.

The platform's loyalty program provides for the introduction of promo codes that give various bonuses:

  • as a percentage to the deposit;

  • for opening additional boxes;

  • for upgrading a drop at random.

Alternatively, you can arrange a battle with other players and compete to see who gets the more expensive drop. In that case, the winner takes all the gifts. This is a great opportunity to test your luck and get even more thrills.

How Does a Promo Code Work?

A promo code is a combination of letters and numbers (sometimes other symbols), which must be entered in a special field during registration. If the account has already been created, the code should be entered in a special section with bonuses, which is indicated on the main page. After the HypeDrop promo code is entered and the user agrees with the rules, the bonus is activated and the user receives the appropriate reward. 

A promo code can be used by any participant after fulfilling the necessary conditions. Each promo code has a description of the reward, so the player knows in advance what is hidden behind the symbols. Thanks to such codes, visitors can receive more valuable prizes, increase their bankroll when depositing, and get other benefits.

Do Promo Codes Give Discounts?

Promo codes are designed to give customers even more gifts and privileges, which they can get by simply opening cases. HypeDrop offers a lot of different combinations that contain different bonuses. This includes the discounts that can be obtained for entering the combination in a special section of the website. 

Promo codes can be single or multiple. For example, there are codes that can be entered more than once and each time you will get a good discount on the box. Just imagine that for a symbolic price you can win an iPhone or even a Lamborghini! Every visitor of HypeDrop has this chance!

How Do I Claim Free Drop on HypeDrop?

To open cases for free or at a good discount, you can use the promo codes that the site distributes to all comers. For this purpose, it is necessary to monitor:

  • 💻 social networks;

  • ⌨ thematic forums;

  • 🖥 HypeDrop official website;

  • 📩 sign up for the newsletter.

However, there is another way to get current HypeDrop promo codes 2023 and not waste time on constant searches - go to our website and look through the updated information. This is a great option for those who do not want to visit numerous forums in search of the coveted combination.

We study a lot of information, review hundreds of resources, and check the relevance of each HypeDrop promo codeto provide valid bonuses to our readers. All you have to do is visit our page and choose the promo code that suits your preferences and desires.

Activating a promo code is easy, just take the following steps:

  1. Open the registration form by clicking the "Registration" button in the upper right corner.

  2. Fill in all the fields with current data.

  3. Confirm the actions via an email that will come to the specified email.

  4. To enter a code, click the icon with a "+" sign at the top of the page.

  5. Enter the combination “HELLA” and click "Apply".

You will then receive the relevant bonus code, which is activated in a matter of seconds.

Why Use Hypedrop Promo Code?

Everyone loves gifts, bonuses, and incentives. With HypeDrop codes, you can increase your chances of success by opening even more cases. Each of them contains both valuable and less valuable gifts, so the more boxes you open, the more drops you can get.

If you're not happy with the dropped item, you can quickly sell it at the value offered by the website. Having received a certain amount to the account, you can continue to unpack the chests. The website offers a unique opportunity to get cryptocurrency with a simple action. Sell the drop and withdraw its value to your cryptocurrency wallet!

When replenishing your account, it is nice when the amount turns out to be an order of magnitude greater than the deposited amount. This is possible after using a HypeDrop promo code that gives 5% or more to the deposit. Study the information about the promo code carefully to enter exactly the combination you need the most. 

Thousands of people use promo codes to make their dreams come true. Boxes range in price from $1 to $250 and have different contents. If you enter a discount code to buy a box, you can get a super prize for a modest fee.

Is HypeDrop legit?

HypeDrop is an absolutely legal platform that uses three-step random generation. This method of fair play enables users to get a random item regardless of the number of attempts. Each new unpacking starts from scratch, so there is a chance to unlock a valuable prize both for beginners and those who have been buying boxes for a long time. 

The generation method is as follows:

  • Client Seed - means the password that comes from the client and its browser. It can be viewed and changed if necessary;

  • Server Seed - is an encrypted hash of the site that helps to determine the absolute randomness of the item selection;

  • Game Counter - counts how many times you have played on the server. Thanks to it, the result of each unpacking will be different than the previous time.

It is impossible to predetermine the chance of a drop. This is a sign of the fairness of the game and the transparency of the rules of the site.

hypedrop legit

Are Promo Codes Legit?

It is very important to use promo codes obtained from reliable sources. Such combinations can both benefit and harm. Fraudsters can add malicious viruses to them, which will steal your data. 

To avoid getting into such a situation, visit the official HypeDrop website or use the HypeDrop Referral code to get a bonus. Visit reliable sites with up-to-date promo codes and a strong reputation. Don't chase overly generous promises. Before you enter a code, make sure it's safe.

We only publish truthful information that is trusted by thousands of our visitors. All of the promo codes on our page are clearly described and up-to-date. 

Where Can I Find a Promo Code?

You can search for promo codes on forums or official websites of popular media outlets. HypeDrop cooperates with different platforms, so it's easy to find a good deal. These can be affiliate links, publications in social networks, and advertising campaigns where reliable information about current bonuses is published.

A user who is looking for a promo can spend hours leafing through different websites and not find anything. That's why we save your time and collect all available combinations with unique, temporary, and permanent offers from HypeDrop on the same website.

What Is the Chance to Win on HypeDrop?

Every HypeDrop client has an equal chance of success. This is great news for those who still doubt the fairness of the platform. Regardless of the user's location, the time the box is opened, or the time they have been on the site, the drop is absolutely random.

Such a system is possible due to the developed algorithm, which has several steps. It's like the well-known game "Rock, Paper, Scissors" - each new unboxing starts from zero, regardless of the previous results.

At the same time, it is worth considering the cost of the box. The more expensive it is, the higher the value of the likely gift will be. However, you should not forget that the spent amount may not pay off because everything is decided by chance and luck. 

Hypedrop Promo Codes Free Box

As we've written before, promo codes come in all sorts of forms, including one to get a free box and even several at once. Follow the posts of the official Hypedrop pages on Twitter and Instagram to catch the most profitable combination. 

We offer an even simpler solution - go to our website and get up-to-date information about current promo codes. The data collected corresponds to reality, each promo corresponds to the stated content and contains no unwanted consequences.  

Affiliate System of Hypedrop

The activities of this legit platform, Hypedrop, are characterized by fairness. That's why you can participate in the affiliate program with full confidence that you will receive income. The idea behind the system is to attract new users. This is performed by using a referral link or a code that can be copied into the corresponding section of your personal profile. You will receive a commission for each deposit made by an invited user. This condition does not apply to gift cards.

The advantage is that rewards are also offered for referrals as well. This will attract more attention from newcomers. Once a user has registered through a referral link, he will get a 5% bonus for a deposit made and three free boxes.

The more friends you refer, the higher you move up in the rankings. As new levels are gained the reward for deposits made by referrals increases (maximum 6% of the deposited amount). Also, additional privileges and exclusive bonuses will open.

Featured Boxes of Hypedrop

When you visit the platform, you can purchase a mystery box and unpack it. Each offer is valued at a certain amount, which depends on the uniqueness of the contents. The more expensive the case is, the nicer the presents will be. A detailed review is provided below.


Case price

Items and their exchange price



Nine items, including a baseball cap by Michael Kors ($60), an umbrella by 10 Corso Como ($40), and a Steam code for No Man's Sky ($25). Vouchers for $9.8, $8.7, $7.2, $5.3, $5.15, $5, or $0.01



14 beach items, including Dolce & Gabbana swimsuit ($630), folding chair ($175), and inflatable ball ($100). Vouchers for $2.50 and $5.

Blinding Drip


35 items, including a Daytona watch by Rolex ($60,501), a chain by Icebox ($10,730), sneakers by Valentino ($1,090)

Final Lap


14 cars, including Ferrari 812 GTS ($520,331), McLaren 570GT ($129,058), and Audi RS7 Sportback ($54,264). Seven items, including a five-day trip to the UAE ($15,000), a white gold diamond pendant ($1,180)

The lower is the item's value, the higher are the chances of getting it. However, it is possible that fortune will smile and give you the most expensive gift. Prizes can be sold or delivered to your address.

Hypedrop Battles

The portal offers case battles. You and other users unpack the available boxes. The owner of the best prize takes all the rewards.

You can create your battle or take part in the proposed event. To join the event, you need to pay an entry fee. Its amount depends on the value of the cases.

Take every opportunity to get exclusive items. This will also be helped by the Hypedrop promo code offered to visitors.

Does HypeDrop Deliver Prizes?

Once you have the drop, there are two ways to deal with it:

  • sell it immediately if you don't need it and get a certain amount in your account for withdrawal or to continue playing;

  • take it having ordered its delivery.

Yes, HypeDrop delivers won items. However, it all depends on the country where the user resides. It is better to check this information in advance to avoid any claims and misunderstandings. 

Only a registered and verified user can get his winnings. It is required to contact technical support and provide the delivery details. The parcel will be sent directly to your house, and you just have to pick it up and enjoy the gift.