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Is Howl.GG legit in 2024

What is Howl.GG?

The fact is, Howl.GG has it all and provides a full package. But, there are newcomers out there who want to find an answer to the question is Howl.GG legit? You are in luck because, in this piece, we are going to go all out and describe the reasoning why you can trust this website and what can you expect from it. With that being said, strap tight, and let’s dive right into it.

Is Howl.GG Legit?

The best way to answer the is legit query is to go over the facts and information that can be proven in just a couple of clicks. First and foremost, we need to address the fact that Howl.GG is owned by Fenrir Entertainment B.V., a company based in Curacao. Bear in mind that the company is also a holder of a Curacao gambling license which means that they have to abide by a strict set of rules.

Another important fact that proves that this site can be trusted revolves around the fact that Howl.GG put in place security measures by enforcing an SSL certificate that is going to keep your banking and personal information safe. On top of that, a provably fair system is up and running across the website and is accessible to anyone.

Why Choose Howl.GG?

There are no ifs and buts regarding the Howl.GG website. In our honest opinion, you simply can’t go wrong with this one. Here are the main talking points you should be aware of.

  • Licensed website: We already touched base on the fact that Howl.GG is licensed and regulated by the Government of Curacao. This enables them to provide a wider range of casino games, but it also prevents users coming from certain countries like the US from joining and having fun on the website. Also, a valid license builds additional trust when newcomers are joining the platform.
  • Numerous games to choose from: At the time of writing, Howl.GG provides quite a few games to choose from starting with Coinflip, Jackpot, The Wheel, and Blackjack. Additionally, players can get their hands on different casino games as well.
  • Dedicated casino section: Since this website is regulated by a governing body, they are also able to provide customers with a dedicated casino section where you can get your hands on different Slots, Live Casino, Table Games, or even Game Shows, all brought to you by the most popular vendors like Pragmatic Play.
  • Pick up where you left off: In one of the latest updated, Howl.GG announced that they are willing to match the VIP level players achieved on other similar online gambling sites such as Roobet, Stake, Duelbits, etc. All you have to do is fill out the required form, verify that you are the owner of an account where you used to play, and wait for the customer staff to respond so you can pick up where you left off.

Additional Howl.GG Bonuses

There are all sorts of rewards on Howl.GG waiting for you. Alongside using a code to get free coins through rakeback, we found out that there are various other ways of claiming rewards on the website. Here is what is available.

  • VIP Rewards: Once you start wagering on the website, you will progress through different VIP Club levels. Every time you advance to the net stage, you are increasing your free daily cases reward. On top of that, you are getting instant daily, weekly, and monthly rakeback and, on top of that, unique VIP rewards are waiting for you.
  • Daily Case: Every 24 hours, you are entitled to a daily case that allows you to win either free coins, free spins, or other valuable prizes. Keep in mind that the higher the VIP rank you have, the better the rewards in the case are.
  • Rakeback: Every time you place a bet on the website, part of the wager is transferred to your rewards. This money can then be claimed through different rakeback based on your VIP level and it includes daily, weekly, monthly, and instant rakeback.

Howl.GG Strategies to Win

Endless gambling opportunities are waiting for you at Howl.GG. However, this required you to put in place a strategy that will guide you in the right direction, right? If you do not know how to get started, worry not, as we are here to give you a helping hand.

  • Use a trusted gambling strategy: The best gambling strategy a lot of Howl.GG players are using right now revolves around using the Martingale System. With this one, you want to stick with the 50-50 games like Roulette or Coinflip. Set a wager and stick to it at all times. However, every time you lose a wager, you need to double down on the wager until you win, and then go back to the initial wager. Rinse and repeat until you end up with a reasonable profit that you want to withdraw.
  • Take advantage of rakeback: We already touched base on the fact that Howl.GG offers different ways of getting free coins through the instant, daily, weekly, and monthly rakeback. This means that the more you wager, the more money back you will get.
  • Stick to the games with low house edge: There are games available on Howl.GG’s website is coming in with a low house edge which means that you have better chances of winning. Usually, these games revolve around Poker, Baccarat, or Blackjack.

Customer Support

If you are even in need of help and assistance, you should be aware of the fact that Howl.GG offers diversified ways of reaching out with your queries, complaints, or problems. Here are the go-to ways of getting help on this platform.

  • Live Chat: Howl.GG put in place a live chat that is available at all times. It is usually located on the bottom right side of the website. According to the website, it takes them 3 or less minutes to reply.
  • Email: You can also reach out for help through the official channels, that being a dedicated email address: [email protected]. Keep in mind that we would not recommend this method as it can take them quite some time(usually around 24 hours) to get back to you.
  • Phone: Not available
  • Social Networks: Twitter, Discord, Steam Group
  • Languages supported: Portuguese, Thai, Chinese, Turkish, French, Russian, Spanish, German, English

My Own Experience on Howl.GG

While doing our research for this piece, we enjoyed testing this website, and here is the reasoning behind that. First things first, account creation is very easy. Keep in mind that you can use instant sign up methods like Google Account or Steam and get going almost instantly.

Deposits are also straightforward, and more often than not, you will find enticing offers that will allow you to get additional free coins when making the payment. However, keep in mind that you can use only a handful of cryptocurrencies here starting with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Skins deposits are also a thing, just like gift cards.

All of the games are looking incredible and the animations are designed to keep you on the edge of your seat. Overall, there are plenty of games to choose from and we are positive that you are going to love it at Howl.GG.


Is Howl.GG safe?

Howl.GG is safe, and here are the main reasons why. First and foremost, the website is licensed and registered by the Government of Curacao which means that they have to abide by strict rules regarding the safety and security of your personal and banking information. Also, Howl.GG put in place an SSL certificate which ensures that all information you type in on the website is heavily encrypted.

Can I get free coins on Howl.GG?

Yes, both newcomers and seasoned gamblers can get their hands on free coins on Howl.GG. You can do so by opening daily free cases or by claiming instant, daily, weekly, or monthly rakeback.

Where can I find the Howl.GG promo code?

Howl.GG promo code can be found on the official social media channels Howl.GG put in place or on review networks. Keep in mind that you can also use the code ”HELLA” to claim 500 free coins!

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